Client attraction is an art and a science when you are a spiritual entrepreneur like a coach, healer or creative consultant.

Your ideal clients are waiting for you and this is the perfect time…

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Hey Goddess!

Happy almost NEW MOON…

Nope! There was no Spiritpreneur Summer School session today.

My mom unexpectedly had family visit that I really waned to see, so I quickly re-arranged my day and headed over there.

Owning my own business, I could do that. 🙂

1) I had my early weekly Friday Accountability Session with my beautiful SPIRITPRENEUR GURU ACADEMY goddesses.

2) Then I had a few awesome 15-minute welcome calls with goddesses who just registered for the Academy program for future gurus this week.

(Welcome, welcome, welcome to all of the BADASS Goddesses saying YES to their DREAMS and GOALS!!)

3) I let my assistants know I was O-U-T and asked them to hold down the fort.

4) And then called it an early day!

If I had a boss or a J-O-B, I would have had to report to someone — but nope!! 

I left and guess what? 

All day, my business still rocked — people invested in themselves through me registering for the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy, buying books and Goddess Affirmation Cards and DIY products like the Coaching Business in a Box Kit.


Because I am no longer trading hours for dollars.

My only boss is YOU — my amazing soulmate clients.

Woo hoo!! 🙂

Here’s yesterday’s free Spiritpreneur Summer School session — 


[YouTube Video Link]




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