A lesson in how to take back your life and take back the night…

Ms. Beverly Johnson, I have your back.

I stand with you. I applaud your courage and your voice.

Thank you for modeling for us how to reclaim your power with grace and dignity and say, this happened to me.

It’s #ProjectBodyLove Day 27 of 30 Days of Body Love and here’s the deal. Your body is yours. You have a basic human right not to be assaulted, raped or abused.

Even if 100 years have passed you have a divine right to say, this happened to me.

Tell your stories, women and men.

Speak your truth.

Let your voice be heard.

You are worthy.

:::Click HERE for information from RAINN on how to report an assault. I have a detailed advice post coming this week.:::

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P.S. Flashback Red Carpet Photo Moment.

Beverly Johnson and Abiola Abrams



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