It’s the first day of a new season… From my Instagram Photo Diary.

Via “Today is the autumnal equinox. And more so than any other time of year, it’s the point at which we should be thinking about balance. It’s one of only two days in the year when day and night are of equal length (the spring equinox being the other), and so it’s a great time to focus on balance.”

In the northern hemisphere, it’s the start of autumn, and signals a shift to the darker half of the year. (In the southern hemisphere, it’s the opposite – it’s the spring equinox there.)

Happy Autumn, Gorgeous Ones!

The autumnal equinox is upon us. So goodbye summer, hello #Fall. Some of us (raising my hand) have a real issue with seasons changing. For some of us (raising my hand) this reflects the issues we have with letting go of what is for the miracles that might be, but THIS is the lesson of the seasons of the planet, and the seasons of our lives.

Mother Nature is always shifting; we are never ever really stuck. We just think we are when we have our boots in the a seductive quicksands known as #fear, comfort, and familiarity.

Yes, I am mourning my favorite season but I don’t want to miss the gifts of a new season while doing so. Summer was fun but there’s more fun to come.

Let’s walk boldly forward together to see what this brave new season has for us… Like fly fall boots, apples, warm sweaters, going inward, sweet potato pie, fresh starts, and things we can’t even imagine.

It’s ok to grit our teeth a lil bit (grrrr) as long as we move forward. Even a well-timed hibernation is forward movement. It’s all about intention.

Whoo hoo! What’s your intention this season?

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This Summer…