How do you feel about having to ask for help?

Are you ready for a shift? A sacred energy shift? This is especially for the lightworkers, changemakers, healers, coaches and speakers. That’s right! For my spiritpreneur sisters. 

This Energy Shift is for YOU if: *You are a woman leader who feels blocked from her greatness, *If you are a coach, healer, speaker, writer who wants to make her mark, *If you KNOW that the biggest thing holding you back is YOU. *You can identify with the words “wounded healer.”

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alissaListen to the Ask for Help Assignment!

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Sacred Assignment: ASK Someone for HELP Today
Do you feel comfortable asking for help when you need it?

Hey Goddess,

Our MISSION for today is to ASK for HELP.


This seemingly simple mandate will not only help us to get caught up on our Day 3 personal mission statements, but asking for help is also for many of us — PAINFUL.

Asking for help at times makes us feel weak and vulnerable.

So your sacred healing ritual today is to ASK for assistance in some aspect of your life TODAY.

Where to start?

  • Your TOLERATIONS LIST that you started the challenge with, of course.
  • There’s something there that you need help with.
  • Reach out to someone and ASK.
We are the spiritpreneurs, the coaches, the artists, the helpers, the healers, but life is cyclical. You give, you must also receive. The ability to ask for — and RECEIVE — help is good self-care.
YES, you are risking rejection, hurt feelings, embarrassment and most of all VULNERABILITY. But being vulnerable is a feminine energy super power, so let’s lean into it. Asking helps us to flex our RECEIVING muscles.
YOU deserve to be supported. You deserve to receive.
Even as I write this, I am nervous not yet knowing who I will be asking for help, but we are on this journey together. Let’s get aligned with our magic. Let us be unblocked. That means let’s get free.

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