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March-April 2024

The Secrets of the Ancestors Virtual Retreat & Festival brings together seekers from around the world for a magical spiritual journey to explore, express and awaken the power of our ancestors.

The Secrets of the Ancestors Virtual Retreat & Festival is an online event featuring rituals, readings, and ancestral practices to connect with your inner temple, along with daily dialogues with global mystics.

This premiere event is led by Abiola Abrams, who wanted to capture virtually the energy of her global goddess healing retreats from Bali to Belize.

The Secrets of the Ancestors Virtual Retreat & Festival celebrates the launch of Abiola's new Hay House deck, Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle deck.

About Your Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle

Virtual Retreat & Festival Host


ABIOLA ABRAMS is the award-winning author and creatrix of brand new Hay House oracle deck named Secrets of the Ancestors. Her upcoming book, From Imagination to Reality and her last book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy continue her quest to share ancestral wisdom.  She is also an intuitive self-worth coach, transformational speaker, inspirational card deck creator and international retreat leader.

Abiola is the first generation American daughter of multi-generational healers, seers, and farmers in Guyana, South America, who are descended from several West African nations.

The founder of the Womanifesting self-love empowerment platform, podcast, and Goddess Temple Circle, Abiola studied sociology and creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  

Pink full moon - Abiola Abrams

Secrets of the Ancestor Oracle Fest Core Classes


Your Ancestral Wisdom Gurus

Meet the Secrets of the Ancestor Fest Experts 2024

(no specific order)

Chris-Anne, Colette Baron-Reid, Rebecca Campbell

Yasmin Boland, Radleigh Valentine, Karen Kay

Asha Frost, Sandra Anne Taylor, Ayeda Husain

Araba Ofori-Acquah, Dr. Giavanni Washington, Krystal Banner

Lorraine Anderson, Yamile Yemoonyah, Spring Washam

Suzy Ashworth, Adama Sesay, Estelle Bingham

Rebecca Campbell

Colette Baron-Reid

Radleigh Valentine

African Goddess initiation Fest Festival

Lorriane Anderson


Yamile Yemoonyah

Dr. Giavanni Washington

Yasmin Boland

Sandra Anne Taylor

Araba Ofori-Acquah

Asha Frost

Krystal Banner

Ayeda Husain

Estelle Bingham

Suzy Ashworth

Karen Kay

Adama Sesay

Spring Washam



LIVE Broadcast Location Key:  FBHH @hayhouse, FBAA @abiolaTV, IGHH @hayhouseinc, IGAA Instagram @abiolaTV, YTAA YouTube @planetAbiola

Day 1:  Monday, March 4

12 PM EST: Introduction to Ancestral Wisdom with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST Oracle Deck Spreads for Connection  with Kristal Banner (FBHH)

Day 2: Tuesday, March 5

12 PM EST: Building Ancestral Altars with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST How to Get Answers from the Ancestral Realms with Sandra Anne Taylor(FBHH)

Day 3:  Wednesday, March 6

12 PM EST: Ancestral Communication Techniques with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST The Power of African Centered Wellness with Araba Ofori-Acquah (FBHH)


Day 4: Friday, March 8

12pm EST: Black Goddesses and Ancestral Wisdom with Dr. Giavanni Washington  (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

Day 5:  Monday, March 11

12 PM EST: Readings and Understanding Ancestral Guidance with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST: Working with the Original Mother with Rebecca Campbell (FBHH)

Day 6: Tuesday, March 12

12 PM EST: Deck Launch Day Celebration with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

Day 7: Wednesday, March 13

12 PM EST: Aligning with Your Deck with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST: The Ancestral Wisdom of Sufism with Ayeda Husain (FBHH)

Day 8: Thursday, March 14

12 PM EST: Blessing Your Deck with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

Day 9: Friday, March 15

1 PM EST: Ancestor Work with the Fairy Queen with Karen Kay  (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

12:00 PM EST: Angels and Connecting with Loved Ones on the other side with Radleigh Valentine (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

Day 10: Sunday, March 24

IN PERSON: Manifesting From Imagination to Reality: I Can Do It Phoenix, Arizona 

Day 11: Wednesday, March 27

12 PM ET: Exploring Different Spreads with Abiola Abrams (FBHH)

12:30 PM EST: Dark Feminine Ancestors with Adama Sesay (FBHH)

1PM  EST: Dreams,Visions and Sacred Ancestral Connection with Asha Frost (FBHH)

Day 12: Friday, April 5 

12:30 PM  EST Spirit Animal Ancestors with Colette Baron Reid (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

Day 13: Thursday, April 11

12PM EST Manifesting with the Moon with Yasmin Boland (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

1PM EST The 7 Kinds of Spirit Guides with Yamile Yemoonyah (FBAA, IGAA, YTAA)

::::Still to come: LIVE session dates with Chris-Anne, Spring Washam, Suzy Ashworth, Estelle Bingham and Lorraine Anderson TBA

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