I’m a Wayne Dyer Junkie so I’m thrilled to have “Wishes Fulfilled” reviewed by author and media host Kamryn Adams. -aa

 Hey Rockstar,

I get excited when I find a book that changes the way I think and live!

Over the years there have been many books that have made an impact on me, but few that have changed the way I do things by the time I close the back cover. “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer has joined the ranks of books that have truly changed my life.

“Wishes Fulfilled” introduces readers to the art of manifestation– making things happen in your life. The book helps us to identify the self-destructive thinking and behavior that limits our ability to achieve our dreams. Before we ever begin our journey to having our wishes fulfilled, Dr. Dyer introduces us to our higher self and highest self. The key to being able to manifest the wishes you have for yourself is to understand that God dwells within you. Therefore, you have the power of God at your disposal. This concept, he calls the “I AM”.

The concept of “I AM” is the greatest lesson I learned in this book. It is also the concept which I have diligently practiced in my life since reading the book.

Affirm: “I AM… Something Positive.” In proclaiming what you are you acknowledge that the wishes you dream are already out there in the universe. You have simply not met up with them yet – manifestation.

For example, instead of saying “I am going to be extremely wealthy” you affirm say “I AM extremely wealthy”. The former statement – though proclaiming a positive – acknowledges that you are currently not wealthy. In the same manner if I say I AM going to be healthy, it acknowledges the fact that I am not currently healthy.

The second concept of the I AM is to always think in terms of the positive and do not ever confess “I AM… Something Negative.” For example, you should never say “I AM fat”. The more effective statement is “I AM losing weight.”

Dr Wayne Dyer... Yes!

You are not deluding yourself into thinking that your body weight is healthy, but what you are doing is positively confessing the wish you have for your body. In the same manner it is infinitely more productive to say “I AM making more money” than “I AM broke until payday.” Both are contextually the same but the positive I AM puts you on a journey to your wishes fulfilled life.

Dr. Dyer does a superb job explaining what he calls the foundations of getting your wishes fulfilled. He suggests that we use our imagination and not limit the wishes that we have for ourselves. He points out that everything that exists was

How to Manifest -- Your Wishes Fulfilled

once an idea in someone’s mind- probably deemed a crazy idea by others. This is why Dr. Dyer says that we must have a subjective reality based upon our own thinking and not allow the thoughts and words of others to limit our ability.

Another important concept of the book is to focus on the end of a wish not the process of getting the wish fulfilled.

For years I have wanted an apartment in New York City. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to do this. However, after reading this book I have learned that all I need to do is concentrate on what it feels like to live in my New York apartment. I am focused on the apartment I have in New York, not how I will get it.

This was my first Wayne Dyer book but it will not be my last. If you chose to read this book you must have an open mind and be ready for change. You must be ready to accept what some call impossible. I know I AM changed by the words in the text and will never think of my life and my dreams in the same manner.

~Kamryn Adams

Great review, Kamryn! See you in NYC.

Kamryn Adams is an author, freelance writer, and media host. Her work has appeared in The Glass Hammer, Working Mother, MSN Lifestyle, and many news outlets across the country. As a novelist she tackles tough family and relationship issues. Formerly the host of “ONYX VIEW” on Blog Talk Radio, Kamryn is known for authenticity and overt passion.

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