Wine Tasting Lesson and “All Things Are Possible” at Bombshell Academy Day #25

Passionista Principle: All things are possible so when people tell you to be realistic, expect a miracle. Belief plus action equals miracles!



Hey Rockstars,

It’s Day #25 of Abiola’s Bombshell Academy. This web series is sponsored by Terra Fossil Wines 30 Days of Wine Madness, a heart healthy campaign. Today’s Bombshell Belief is all things are possible. We file this episode under Bombshell Cooking.

To that point we head to Harlem Vintage Wine Shop and Nectar Wine Bar to meet the owner and fab female entrepreneur Jai Jai Greenfield

Jai Jai gives us a mini Wine 101 class guiding us through the basics to make us into wine connoisseurs. We talked wine swirling, the legs of a wine, how to hold a wine class, the nose of the wine and even sommeliers. We promised a wine tasting lesson and we delivered. Check it out…

Wine video tasting class shot and edited by Kristal Mosley of


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