Do you vote? I am not just talking about political elections, which is what inspired this conversation. But you need to vote for yourself every day.

Your vote is your voice.

Choosing to vote is choosing yourself. 

Prioritize your personal power.

How to Vote for Yourself Daily! Reclaiming Your Personal Power [Videos]

Watch! Part 1: Vote for You

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Part 2! You Are Not Powerless

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Otherwise why would so many work so hard to suppress your voice, your power and your vote?

Your Ancestors didn’t die for you to vote, they were murdered.

I know we don’t generally talk murder on a spiritual empowerment blog, but it is what is is and we honor their truth by telling it.

That is not to guilt you into voting but to remind you that you are a torchbearer.

You can drop the torch, of course. But you can also hold it high and set your beautiful life on FIYYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHH…

VOTE for yourself… today and EVERYDAY…