Introducing the Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Kits and the Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Challenge. Join us in NYC on 2/26/16 to put your self-love and self-care into action!

Hello, Sacred Bombshell!

If you are only seeing with 2 eyes, you’re missing out…

There is so much for us to see.

Tune into your sixth sense, awaken your third eye… Rock your VISION.

Your third eye chakra allows you to access inner guidance, see and create a vision for your life, tap into the wisdom of the ages, and be a deliberate creator of your life.

Your challenge: Update or create a Visionary Board for one area of your life.

::::Click HERE to join me for a free Self-Love Soiree in NYC on 2/26. Self care is an act of sacred self- preservation.

xoxo, Abiola

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