What a magical time! In the past 8 weeks or so, I have spoken and had book signings, and workshops in Chicago, Virginia, Atlanta, NYC, and Washington DC. While I was in Chicago…

Hello My Love,

I had an AMAZING time in Chicago!

I was a speaker at the Chicago Ideas Week Conference. 

There were 500+ people in an oversold audience — with standing room only. If you are a TED Talks junkie like I am — then you MUST check out the Chicago Ideas Week summit next year. It was INCREDIBLE.

Esteemed speakers ranged from MARTHA STEWART to medical gurus to rapper COMMON to MICHAEL STRAHAN to… the granddaughter of rural Guyanese farmers…

— ME!

Abiola Abrams, Chicago Ideas Week

I wanted to share with you a POWERFUL lesson that I learned from another one of the speakers.

In the past 8 weeks or so, I have spoken and had book signings, and workshops in Chicago, Virginia, Atlanta, NYC, and Washington DC.

While I was in Chicago, I started feeling a little sniffly, but I had made obligations to attend everything, including a late night post-events speaker’s dinner. It was such an incredible conference, put together by great people, and I always want to do my best.

After my speech, we had a really cool meet and greet and book signing.

When I was almost ready to drop, I heard, “Miss Abrams, after your book signing, we have a car waiting to take you to the next event.”

I was excited to go but by that point, I really wasn’t feeling my best. I have pretty much one central unbreakable business rule: “Always do what you say you are going to do.”

Abiola Abrams: You ROCK!

I was trying to steel myself up to go when I noticed that 2 of the other speakers were packing up to go back to our fabulous and spa-like hotel; not to the speaker’s follow-up event.

“Um… You’re not going?!” I asked one of them, incredulous — and immediately jealous.

The awesome kick ass TV presenter who was the moderator of my forum replied, “No. I’m heading back to the hotel. You can’t do everything.”


His words were like a breath of fresh air to an exhausted goddess!

My initial thought was, “Nah… wait… really? We can do that? You mean, you can just opt-out?”

THEN I remembered that this is WHAT I TEACH. Self-love, self-worth, and of course, SACRED SELF-CARE.

Duh! lol

Toni Morrison Quote your own est thing

How beautiful to have received this lesson back when I most needed it.

I went back to my room and had a lovely and restful dinner — then zonked out!

Here’s the deal…

I VERY have a strong aversion to being half-assed in ANY way, shape or form!! My goal is always excellence.

This can sometimes – okay, often –  lead to me overwhelming myself.

I reminded myself of the powerful Chicago lesson yet again when a day later I realized, wait, if I am not feeling well, I can reschedule my free Spiritpreneur Success Class

Again, duh!

I want to always give my BEST and 1000 percent! Even and especially for a free class. It was such mental, physical, and spiritual liberation to say, wait… I’m the boss! If I need to reschedule, we will reschedule.

Whoo hoo!

No one is let down — and most importantly, I am reminding myself of my self-worth by taking good care of me. This builds self-integrity.

Are you one of those folks like me, who will practically KILL your self to make an obligation?

Remember, you can always postpone, U-turn, or take a breather. 

“You can’t do everything.”

It doesn’t make you half-assed. It makes you someone who is madly in love with herself.

This is sacred excellence!

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xoxo, Abiola

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