Ready to overcome rejection? What kind of rejection do you fear most? Romantic rejection, professional rejection, social rejection, being rejected for your ideas or something else? Fear of rejection blocks your manifestations because you won’t take the inspired action you are being guided to take. Rejection fears block your life, success and blessings.

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Overcome Fear of Romantic, Professional or Social Rejection

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5 Spiritual Ways to Overcome Rejection


5 Spiritual Ways to Overcome Rejection & Fear of Being Rejected

If you have fear of rejection, this is the time to face, dissolve and overcome it. Fear of rejection will block your success, evolution, growth and success. If you are afraid of being rejected, you will be less likely to put yourself and your ideas out there. If you want to stop blocking your blessings, keep reading!

If you are a Spiritpreneur® or someone who is putting her gifts in the world, we want to heal this fear and overcome rejection because you have important work to do! We need your magic.

REJECTION: /rəˈjekSH(ə)n/ (noun)
-the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.
synonyms: refusal, nonacceptance, declining, turning down, no, dismissal, spurning, rebuff
-the spurning of a person’s affections.
“Some people are reluctant to try it, because they fear rejection”

Where Did This Fear Come From?

Most of us have experienced some sort of intentional or unintential primal rejection at the hands of a caretaker or birth parent. There was a time when being abandoned or rejected by the tribe would have resulted in death. This primal rejection or abandonment can affect our self-esteem throughout life and result in us playing small and holding back from really going for it!

Types of Rejection

  • Social Rejection: Peer rejection or familial estrangement
  • Romantic Rejection: Being rejected by a love interest
  • Professional Rejection: Being fired by a job or told no by a prospective client
  • Rejection of Your Ideas: Being criticized, reviewed of disliked for your creative offerings, products or services

Why is Rejection So Terrifying?

Rejection can make us feel like a failure, broken, wrong, ashamed or like we are weird or don’t matter. Being rejected can make us feel unsafe. Fear of being pushed away, ridiculed or abandoned is a root chakra issue. MRIs show that rejection registers as physical pain in our bodies. Yes!

A Spiritual Plan for Facing This Fear

  1. Acknowledge How You Feel with Self-Compassion.
  2. Grieve Previous Losses and Rejections.
  3. Choose a Different Reason for Any Primal Rejection that Defines Your Life.
  4. Let Every “No” Excite You As You Are Being Guided More Into Alignment.
  5. See Being Rejected As a Gift that Makes You Better.

Embrace the Fundamental Truth

The real truth is that no human being can really reject you. If you woke up today you were specially selected and we still need what you have. Rejection is an illusion. We can’t control anyone else. Everyone is on their own journey. Honor that, then forgive and release. Remember, every day in every way, things are working out for you. Believe that and you cannot be rejected.


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How to Overcome Rejection Fear

How to Overcome Rejection Fear