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To start your life on its journey of manifesting amazing things, use the law of attraction by having a good morning routine. Here are some things you might want to include.

Express Your Gratitude

Begin each morning with gratitude. This is a wonderful way to wake up in a positive mindset, and really appreciate all the little things in your life that you might sometimes take for granted. Write down at least 3 things in your journal that you are grateful for. This might be that you woke up in a good mood, that you woke up to surprising good news, that you are surrounded by your loved ones, or just that you have your health.

Set Your Intentions

Once you have said what you are grateful for, set your intentions for the day. This is similar to a to-do list, but you really want to focus on what you intend to do. Not just random tasks you need to complete, but the type of day you want to have, and what you want to feel through these intentions. If you are finishing up a work project, write down how you intend for it to go, what you need to complete today, and how great you will feel once it is accomplished.

Take Good Care of Yourself

If you want to raise your vibration first thing in the morning, make sure you are taking actions to take care of yourself. This might include drinking a glass of water, exercise, eating a nourishing breakfast, or just taking a few minutes for deep breathing exercises. When you take good care of yourself, you are showing respect for your body and your mind, raising your vibrations, and setting yourself up for a healthy and well balanced day.

Balance Yourself with Meditation or Yoga

Many people like to take an extra step to do some meditation, yoga, or relaxing walk in the morning. Moving your body is essential to raising your vibration and putting you in a good mood. It can release endorphins to make you feel happier, plus it gives you some excellent natural energy. In the morning, try to stick to more relaxing ways of moving your body to keep you in that calm and tranquil state.

Take the Time to Read Every Day

As an added part of your morning law of attraction routine, consider reading a chapter from an inspiring or spiritual book. Mornings are great for self help books or books that inspire you and make you feel motivated for the day. Try to save your non-fiction novels for the evening or other times of the day.

Learn more: https://womanifesting.com/imagination-reality-abdullah-neville-manifesting/