My favorite Essence Magazine editor Charli Penn interviewed me for her popular new podcast, “The Solve.” She wanted to talk about relationships, how to manifest love, alignment and raising your vibration so I shared some tips that I think you’ll find helpful too. Listen in below. 

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Abiola on “The Solve” Essence Mag Podcast with Charli Penn

Let’s talk manifesting your desires!

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Prefer to read it? Find the “How to Manifest Love” story in the latest issue of Essence and the full podcast transcript below.


How to Manifest Love with Abiola & Charli- Unedited Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Sisters, can we take a moment to talk about manifestation please? I deeply believe that women are the Queens of manifestation when it comes to our careers, our families, our passions. We’re just so dope at it, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I feel like sometimes we’re manifesting all of the wrong things. What if I told you that you can manifest good, healthy, safe, real, real love into your life? Would you do it? Maybe you’ve already tried, but says, has it worked as usual? I’ve got you. This week, my IBEW author, empowerment coach speaker and the true queen of manifestation Abiola Abrams is here to teach us the simple steps to manifesting the love we want right now. And I mean immediately she will tell you how to get it done, how to claim it, see it, and wait for it. No more games, no more frustration, just manifestation. Just the real, real on what we’re doing or not doing to get what we desire and how to shift our energy toward the love we want. And you ready? You’re going to feel this,

Speaker 2:                           01:45                     I promise. Let’s get into it.

Speaker 2:                           01:54                     Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re out there, but mostly ladies, this is who we’re talking to today. Okay? My love Ivo Abrams. [inaudible] Oh my God, we’ve been friends for almost 10 years, almost 10 years. Are you serious? Like it. And if you guys do not know who this incredible woman sitting across from me is, I’m about to break it down because she is phenomenal on so many levels. So of course are you, and I have to read all of your receipts funny because you are not new to this. You are true to that show. It is. Yes. And then when I read them, you all will know why she’s here. Okay, so my guest Abiola Abrams is an empowerment coach, speaker and author. She’s a writer and an editor. She was born to empower women to transform their lives. She’s award winning, author of the sacred bombshell handbook of self love, one of my favorite books, which gives advice and she also produces media about self worth, answering your calling and how to live with them. Joy on freedom and passion. Are you feeling Chelsea out guys? Equally just cause I’m already feeling jealous. Her advice columns on topics such as relationships and self-worth include intimacy intervention on She’s also given advice on networks everywhere from MTV to the BBC. Okay. She’s led transformational workshops from New York city to London and held spiritual retreats from Bali to believe and not to Paris. Yes, 2019 welcome back. Thank you so much. I’m so excited. You know anytime that I get to power with you is a great day at the moment. And wait a minute, we forgot your most recent claim to fame, which I love so much. You were a gap. Yes. Gap international brand gap. Yes. Love spokeswoman. Yes. Yeah. That’s amazing. You. Thank you. It was major. It is major. So if you all my beautiful women listening walk into a gap and you see chocolate me on the billboards that they have in the store and take a picture and let me know. I am in gap stores everywhere, everywhere from in Japan to like globally representing self-love, presenting self love, which is exactly why I brought you here today because as you know, over the years we’ve had many a Kiki and one of the things that we talk the most about is manifesting good things in our lives and particularly romantic, feel good, good things in our lives as you know better than most. Absolutely. Because we deserve love. You know, we do. We do. It’s, it’s our birthright and love is not [inaudible]

Speaker 3:                           04:40                     a trivial, small, irrelevant, tiny thing. We were not meant to walk this earth alone. So I love this topic.

Speaker 2:                           04:47                     Me too. And you are the perfect person to have it with because you’ve been helping women manifest. I mean, I don’t, I don’t like to call you the queen of manifestation. That’s how we refer to you when you’re not around that. I love it. It’s perfect because my website is one manifest thing. She’s a queen cause you really help people manifest things and you’ve been working with women for a long time cause this is the thing, we want things but we don’t know how to manifest them particularly in the with matters of the heart. Like this is a real problem.

Speaker 3:                           05:13                     It is a real problem and like everything else that tends to be like a woman’s concern. It tends to get brushed to the side. But you know, just like I, I like to say it this way that you know what manifesting is about us as women being creative beings, whether or not we ever give birth to a child, we are giving birth to this planet as we walk through it. We are giving birth to dreams, to desires to, you know, lives, livelihoods, lifestyles, everything. So all the things and love our own love that we are worthy and deserving of.

Speaker 2:                           05:49                     How did you realize this was your passion? Was it because you recognize it so many women were in need of these manifestation skills or was it just your calling or is it all of the above?

New Speaker:                    06:00                     It really was all of the above says like, you know, a combination of, I love you mom and dad, my apologies. But my parents own crappy relationship to me quickly manifesting all of the mistakes that they made over. Like I’ve manifested 20 years of your y’alls relationship mistakes in like five years. Okay, that’s good. You know, been there, done that tell. Exactly. And so when I went through a divorce at an early, at a young age with somebody who I knew from when I was 12 years old, and you know, we started dating early, got married and went through a divorce. People started asking me for advice because I started doing empowerment work to figure out what had gone wrong. And so as I started to figure it out for myself, it’s only natural to help others to figure it out for themselves as well. And you radiate that comfort. And I think this is enough uncomfortable conversation that women have sometimes, because I think if we’re being honest, sometimes it’s awkward to say, I want to manifest love into my life because sometimes we’re trying to tell ourselves we don’t need it. Yes. And that is also something I see women do. It’s like, Oh I’m, you can say you’re single and loving it and you can be loving it, but you can also say you need love. And it’s okay to say that. And it’s okay to say that. And it is an awkward conversation, you know, particularly for black women who have been taught, you know, I could bring home the bacon fried up in a pan, you know, so address on Friday and you know, all [inaudible] babysit Bay kids get the Thursday and you know, all of that stuff to be like, you know that it’s okay.

Speaker 2:                           07:35                     Not only okay, but again, your birthright to either be like, you know, yes, I’m single, I’m loving it, I’m doing my, I’m doing my dude. Or be like, I want, need and deserve love. There’s no shame in that. None. And I love that you mentioned your own divorce because I think one of the times in our lives where we’re actively like, okay, I need to manifest some love up in here is after a really bad relationship or a bad breakup or sudden into a relationship. And if you acknowledge that you like loving your life that you like being one half or one whole part of another whole half of another whole. I like to say that because you’re already whole, but once you acknowledged that you enjoyed cup being coupled up or being in love with someone, when you lose that you definitely are like, okay, I need to manifest this into my life.

Speaker 2:                           08:19                     Like you kind of are clear that you need to do that but you don’t know how. Yes. Yes. And so that’s why this podcast is so brilliant because you, you give people actionable advice and so that’s what we are missing. That’s what we need. And we’re about to go in. Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s do it because I brought you here just for this ladies please. I don’t like, I always say pull over, make sure your wifi is [inaudible] and all the buyers get ready. Because when Abiola talks gyms, can we just break down the act of manifestation when it comes to love? Because I feel like people are like instead of prayer, is that wellness?

Speaker 3:                           08:56                     Is it just like a morning mantra? Is it all of the things? So how, what is the act of manifesting good things into your life? So the act of manifesting is a combination of us dissolving the beliefs that are holding us back while simultaneously aligning ourselves with the frequency and the vibration of the things that we desire. And so every single religious text begins with creating the world, with voice, with, you know, speaking things, creating things into being. And you know, not to get too religious and all of you, but you know, the things that those who created us, you know, the force that created us, the magic that created us has done it. It said that we can do as well. And what that means is you can bring that power into your daily lives. And so a lot of people years ago watched the secret

Speaker 2:                           09:45                     and then figured, okay, I glued everything on my vision board. What happened after y’all? I was getting angry emails on my website. Well, what happened? You said we could manifest, you said it’s about what? Manifesting. What’s up with my vision board? Why didn’t come through yet? What happened? What happened? What happened? I made the one, most people may or may not [inaudible] it’s all right. And here’s the thing.

Speaker 3:                           10:07                     The thing is that what it didn’t address is two things. These are two things lacking from the movie. The secret and when people talk about manifesting period. Number one is we have these limiting beliefs, these mindset blocks to love, to money, to different areas in our lives that the well meaning people who raised us did the very best that they could pass down beliefs intended. Usually they keep us safe, right? Like, okay, well y’all need nobody. Yeah, you don’t need nobody. We could do bad all by yourself. It’s generational, relational, generational in every area of our lives. And so we have blocks around, you know, the things we hear, we’re talking about love, we have blocks around love and relationships and it’s taboo to have that conversation. And then the other part that’s missing when we talk about manifesting is coming into alignment with our desires. So the energy of love, the energy of a happy, loving relationship. Like when I’m looking at you, what I want you to tell your husband this tonight, I see his energy all over you. I see you like who? That’s a woman that’s well loved walking through these Essence streets and you not taken care of just like you can look at somebody and again, you know, people have [inaudible] different experiences and it’s all good. Wherever you are, you know, and you can look at, you know, sometimes you look at man, you’re like, okay, he’s been, well mothered. Yeah. You know, like that’s a real mother. And so there’s [inaudible] energy and a frequency to things. There’s a vibration. And so, you know, there’s an energy of love. And so it’s us aligning ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually with that energy. Oh wait, I have shows because I’m like I’m radiating love. That’s what I think about. That’s what I believe. That’s what I’m always wanting for other people. So that’s, yeah. And you and you. So you really do give that out cause you

Speaker 2:                           11:54                     give all of that to the world. You really do do too. When I see you, I just want a hug. That’s how I feel like that’s step one really with someone who I’m like, give me some of that attributes of that. Okay. So when it comes, okay, specifically with romantic block [inaudible] do past relationships, kind of build upon those things that blockage. Like can you get more blocked? Like let’s say it’s not generational. Let’s say you were a believer and then now you’re not, how do you get past that sort of romantic blockage? Like somebody did you wrong or you know, it never happened for you the way you thought it might. You know, we’ve all been there. How do you let go of that? So you can start manifesting some goodness.

Speaker 3:                           12:30                     So the first thing that you want to do if you have issues and whether they’re generational or not, or whether they come from your own experience or the the, the experiences of your amen corner, your girlfriends that you said and you’re like, yes, he did this and he did that and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. What you want to do is you want to first number one, figure out what it is that you believe that’s holding you back because 99.999% of the time, we’re not even aware of it. We’re not even aware of it. And we’re walking through with these beliefs that we don’t know that we have. And so if you have beliefs like either all men or dogs or it’ll never happen to me, or I’m too young or too old or too black or too light, or too skinny or too nappy, or whatever your belief is, if you have those beliefs and you’re not aware of them, they are still showing up in your life, bright and strong and preventing you from having everything that you desire, everything that you are worthy and deserving of.

Speaker 3:                           13:25                     So step one, become aware of what it is that you believe the way to do that is start to pay attention to your own thoughts. Journaling is a very, very strong, um, tool for empowerment and what I would advise you to do. So step one is do something called morning pages every morning. Okay, tell me every morning you’re going to wake up and you’re going to journal for three pages or 20 minutes, whichever comes first on love on relationships, on, you know, love that’s showing up on in your life or just your thoughts. Do that for sure. 14 days and just start to just become aware of what you’re even thinking. How do you react when your friend says I’m in a new relationship? Are you excited? Are you like, you know, to decide, you know, like, Oh they’re gonna, you know, my friends are gonna leave me now. Like what beliefs do you have that you know, you don’t know that you don’t know.

Speaker 2:                           14:20                     And this has to be that raw honesty moment that you have with yourself. Cause my daddy is always saying, you can lie to everybody, but you can’t lie to yourself. Right? So keep it real on those journal pages, ladies. It’s like if you weren’t happy that your friend got engaged or you weren’t happy that you know, you saw your neighbor with a new man, whoever knew woman, like write that down and feel it. Be okay to feel it right. Because that’s how you get clear on it.

Speaker 3:                           14:42                     Yes. And that’s step two. Step two, give yourself permission to feel your feelings. The full range of what it is that you, because we’re in a culture where we numb, where we avoid, where we just, you know, it’s not okay to feel what we’re feeling. Everybody is telling us what we should feel about something. Give yourself permission again, you know, to be like, Oh wow, I’m more jealous than I thought. Oh wow. I’m whatever it is. So that you’re aware of what you’re thinking. We can’t heal it if we don’t look at it.

Speaker 2:                           15:12                     And you know what else doesn’t give us permission to feel those feelings. I’m just gonna go here for a second. Social media, because in part of our need and desire to put positivity out there constantly through the form of meetings and quote cards and good vibes, we’re also giving off the impression that we just don’t have sort of, I don’t want to say negative thoughts, but they are, that we don’t have these uncomfortable thoughts. Like we’re pretending that like, Nope, no one is as positive as their Instagram feeds us. Okay. You know what I mean? But that’s also making us feel like it’s not okay to feel opposite of what we’re seeing on those feeds.

Speaker 3:                           15:43                     Yes, and it’s okay to feel angry. It’s okay. It’s not only okay, but it’s healthy, it’s natural. It’s normal to feel sad, to feel angry, to feel better or sometimes to feel whatever it is. Let yourself to feel a little petty like, okay, I’m having a petty moment, you know, and allow yourself to feel what it is that you’re feeling. Then step three, get clear of what do you desire when it comes to love, right? There is a gap between what your thoughts are and what you desire. If you have not created it in your life, and this is for any category, whether it’s money or relationships or whatever, if it’s not in your life and you want it, then there’s a gap. So now we know what it is that you really think, and now we know what it is that you really want.

Speaker 3:                           16:26                     And not just on a, you know, and give yourself permission here to play the VCs to be Garry specific and not just, you know, don’t think, you know, just physical. That’s too easy. That’s too simple. We don’t know what the package might be. You know, my girl got us, she’s like, yes, a manifested me, you know, a, a chocolate III dress. And her man showed up and was, you know, I don’t know, a Caucasian, uh, I don’t know Joe Biden. I don’t wanna. You know what? I’m [inaudible]. He was happy and Steve was happy. They’re happy and they radiate love and they’re beautiful and gorgeous together. So focus on the qualities and then start to journal about your man, your who you are, your future man or future woman. How do they treat you? Start to write love letters to this person.

Speaker 2:                           17:11                     Yes. Ladies benefits those head massages. Because, I mean, I think you’d have to need specific, you said, I look well loved. You know, it’s like, what is he gonna rub your feet? He or she are they going to rub your feet, rub your hair, you know what I mean? Are they gonna call you throughout the day? Are they gonna text you? What’s their love language

Speaker 3:                           17:27                     feeling that. Exactly. So start to write a letter. Call it in as if it is, act as if, so writing a letter, you know, Hey Bay, thank you so much for the head massage today. I really appreciated that. Write it as it is. Okay. Creating it. This is how we create, this is how we manifest this. How we step into the energy, the vibration of love and being well loved. I love the act as if I almost want to go as far as to say, you know how you can text yourself. I would say textured. I want to say, can we text ourselves as, as that person, like you know, just whatever you’d want to tell them. You know, or however you’d want them to speak to you. Just an a to your style manifested. Yeah. You don’t need a paper and pen y’all. Cause I know how it is.

Speaker 2:                           18:11                     Absolutely. When you wake up in the morning you can say, you know, Hey, you know, good morning, good morning, how are you? And so what are the [inaudible]

Speaker 3:                           18:19                     do you want to be aware of? This is really important when it comes to manifesting, is it sometimes, you know, we focus on, you know, Hey, I’ve seen people do this exercise of assign this exercise and have people do it where they say, you know, Hey, even though we haven’t met yet, I’m sending you love. No, you want to step into the space of it already is haven’t met yet. The energy and the feeling of, Ooh, it’s coming as exciting and is a better energy than I don’t have it. I need it. I’ll never, you know, I’ll never get it better energy, but it’s still a gap. It’s still a gap,

Speaker 2:                           18:50                     you know? So maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe they are out of town like okay, they’re on vacation saying yes, bring me back some chocolates. Yes.

Speaker 3:                           19:02                     Fighting and fun. And I think when you do it alone as a solo exercise, it can be all of those things. But what I wonder how and when do we involve our girlfriends? Oh, because as much as our girls can hype us, if you started saying, girl, I was talking to my fake man on the phone the other day, or I was texting my future Bay, they’re going to be like this. They shouldn’t. But you know, that could be a natural reaction. So how do you decide when and how to share this with others? Well, the thing is that, number one, you know, we don’t need to share everything contrary to our times and our generation. Like we just, we do not. We do not, you know, we don’t need to share everything. Number two, get yourself some manifesting girlfriends who will be exciting and excited about this and be on the same level.

Speaker 3:                           19:46                     So you don’t need to, you know, like we have different friends for different reasons. So your Friday night cocktail friends may not be the friends to have this conversation with, but you’re, you know, goddess for treat friends that you met in Paris. It’s the goddess in Paris retreat with IBO Luxe. Those would be the friends that’ll know. And and manifest it for you and be like, okay girl, let’s both close our eyes and see it. Let’s both close our eyes and see your man come in to pick you up from my house. Yes. Yeah. And then everybody is manifesting greater and bigger and it’s even strong guys. Yes. And you want to get some support for the issues that came up. So if you don’t have a therapist, the counselor or coach or big mama or somebody that you can, you know, speak to about just stuff the issues that you brought up, you know. And I would say invest in, you know, someone who is trained in helping you to deal with those issues. You know, I am seeing a hypnotherapist right now and it is changing my life, rocking my world. Really. Yes. You know, in terms of manifestation in terms of just helping me to clear stuff. Here’s stuff, clear stuff so I can matter faster. That’s the gymnasium. Yes. So get a therapist, get somebody to help you work through your stuff.

Speaker 2:                           20:52                     Yeah. Somebody who can see it objectively and see it from the outside. Cause you do need to clear a path for these failings guys. Cause I think that’s the thing. Going back to what you said, getting rid of the blockage. Okay, now I have a question. This is all sort of a mental right manifestation that then triggers positive emotions. What about, is there like a physical move to me? Cause you know we tell women like be empowered, made the first move SIS, go on Bumble, go on match. Like do what you gotta do these dating apps. What’s the physical manifestation part of this?

Speaker 3:                           21:22                     So I’m going to give you two. So number one, absolutely get yourself out there. You know, it’s interesting and I will share with you all, you know that when I was single I tried Bumble and it didn’t work for me because as much as I can get here and run my mouth with you Bumble’s about making the first move. And I’m like, why am I making the first move? They need to be talking to me. It can be very hard to do because for me it’s not a natural move to make the first move. And again, you want to work with what you got and work with who you really are. And so, you know, you can work with a matchmaker, you can work with um, another website, you know, that has like, you know, people in New York, like what is it, bagels and coffee meets bagel, coffee meets bagel, you know, find something that works with who you are. If you are a first move kind of girl, get on Bumble and rock and outset rock at outset and then another physical move that you could do. Um, well let me give you two more. So one more is start to notice love and notice it from a place of joy and appreciation rather than, Oh, okay. When you see people hold their hand holding hands and walking down the street, notice it and mentally feel the energy of it. Take it in, take it in like, Ooh

Speaker 2:                           22:35                     to this. That is how I see the world. So I always tell people, I see love the way everyone else sees color. So every moment. I mean that is truly who I am. That is my home Oh being. And what happens, especially in New York city, I’ll be on the train. I noticed that people who sit a little closer, I notice people who are smiling on their phones, cause I know they’re texting somebody who’s making them feel good. I noticed the couples who are walking really slow because they just want to save her that moment together. I even noticed when you know love is a little awry and people are having disagreements, but I can tell they still love each other. But I’m receptive to all of that. And I feel like that’s a muscle. You know, it starts with noticing the couples in the room. I’m just gonna jump in because maybe you taught me this, maybe I just absorbed it. But I’m good at that and I didn’t even realize it was a thing. But I think it keeps me constantly positive about love and it’s really, it makes me happy. That’s

Speaker 3:                           23:25                     beautiful. Yeah, that’s it. Exactly. That is exactly that. You tune into the vibration and you celebrate it and you enjoy it. And so imagine if every day as you go through your day and you are wanting to call love into your life and you notice love and you take it as a little hit of positivity, a little hit of joy, a little love. Love, yes. Left side, yes. And feel it and enjoy it and revel in it and celebrate it. Like Ooh, okay. Yeah.

Speaker 2:                           23:52                     And I think you have to reject, right? When you know, realize that you’re noticing it but your reaction is negative. Yeah. Cause I have friends who will be like, Oh God, I can’t get a room. Like talking to people like this. You know, you see someone like making out or kissing in public or just like a couple who’s just all over each other and why not? Why should they not be? Yeah. You have to ask yourself, why do you care? Why is it bothering you? Going back to, like you said, being aware,

Speaker 3:                           24:16                     being aware and identifying where blocking. Yes. Identifying the blockage. Yes. And then another physical thing that you can do with yourself in your own home is go through and make sure that your space is functional. Wade for love. You know, so. So number one is all of those beautiful single girl black photos and images that we have in our house. Look through your home for Tunis instead of oneness, if you are wanting to call in more love. And this is really interesting because I moved recently and I’ve been trying to find loving art of like beautiful black couples that are, you know, not necessarily a sexual representation. Not that anything’s wrong with that, it’s just not what I want to hang in my living room and that are, you know, beautiful and I feel like represent me and I ha it’s been challenging, so fine.

Speaker 3:                           25:03                     But I’ve been finding amazing single woman art, which is what a lot of our incredible artists, my sister is an incredible visual artists create because we’re creating from what we know and you know, so we want to, yes. See in your home, you know, the energy of Tunis, you know, do you have, you know, two end tables is there, you know, a drawer in space for Bay. So you know you can be putting this stuff in them. Yes. All of that. All of that. Well I live in New York so we can’t be sacrificing a whole walking. Yeah. Given by [inaudible] I can push these hangers over, you know,

Speaker 2:                           25:42                     real, I’ve even met a woman once who said she slept on half. Well on one side of the bed cause she wanted room for him to make his his way there.

Speaker 3:                           25:51                     Yeah. They say that nature hates a vacuum. And so you’re creating space in your life, you know? Yes. Yes. Your plates. Do you have, you know, one of my friends, she had like just one plate out from her pretty plates, you know, like that she would use and it’s like well no, you need two plates out. Cause you know when your boot comes over, like what’s he going to eat off of, you know, you need to. So just think about that

Speaker 2:                           26:12                     when you’re going through home goods and you see all that hosting, Oh those large hosting bowls and things where when you’re having parties girl buy it, you know it’s a good deal. But I love that. And what about like verbally claiming it in terms of just telling other people what you’re trying to manifest. Like not necessarily your friends but just kind of always putting it out there because you know, Hey, you never know. Is there something to like the word of mouth effect with that with single women?

Speaker 3:                           26:37                     Yes, absolutely. So let the people in your life know that you are open and looking. And again this is going to be a totally

Speaker 2:                           26:44                     different energy than an energy of desperation because now you’ve gone through these steps and the clearing and so being like, you know, Hey, I’m open for love, I’m open for business. [inaudible] do you know anybody? Ask them the place. You know one of the main places that we’re going to meet people if it’s not online or at work or something, is through our people that we know. So let people know. Friend of a friend is what I always say. Expand your friends or goes lady, you know, go to events, go to, you know, new spaces. New rooms says yes, yes. New rooms. My great friend, Elana always says new rooms. Yes. New room. Right? About the new rooms. Yes. Okay. So I have a question. You are giving us all of these incredible and doable steps, but I often hear women manifests say they’re going to manifest a lot of love in their lives, especially around the new year, around this time of the year and then come like February, they’re back to bah humbug.

Speaker 2:                           27:39                     Back to like, Oh girl. You know, ER, all of it. Like I, yeah, it’s not for me. Where do people get stuck? So one of the places we get stuck is not realizing that, um, it’s a numbers game. You know, a friend of mine, she says this all the time, you know, it’s like, you know, so it’s like, okay, if you go through a few were looking for a job and you met one person and it wasn’t the person you wouldn’t give up, but I have a job you need to, you know, so just, you know, widen the playing field. You know, maybe your type is like, you know that the person that you’re wanting is your type, but maybe a little bit different than you are anticipating. I love that and stick with it because I know that I’m definitely one of those candidates who would stop journaling after like day three.

Speaker 2:                           28:21                     Yeah. I always say Charlie, sometimes you have to push yourself past the comfort zone. Yeah. Get that next thing that you want. Make it fun. Make it fun for yourself. Be like, okay, this is my 40 days and 40 nights of love. Ooh, see? Does she not speak in gems and action points? And speaking of you guys ambulance here, she’s dropping so many gems and she’s just giving us a whole, there’s literally a roadmap to love on this podcast right now. And we’re gonna, we’re gonna backtrack. We’re going to go over each turn here. Okay? So everybody get ready. We’re going to recap and girl, stop me if I’m wrong, but let’s just make sure we have our love notes together. Okay. Step one, become aware, aware of what’s blocking you, right? Aware of how you feel, right? Or wherever you’re feeling aware of what it is that you believe, what you, what do you really believe?

Speaker 2:                           29:09                     Now, what you say out of this cute side of your face, what do you really believe? I love that. And you can do that through morning pages. Have you like gave a great example of journaling in the morning, y’all, we can do that. [inaudible] consciousness. We can do this. You know, just wake up a little early and get off Instagram. Okay? It’s depth to feel your feelings. [inaudible] be okay with how you’re feeling even if you don’t like it. And I don’t think we do that enough. We like we’re, we’re always mad at ourselves for feeling how we feel, which is being very inauthentic. Yes. And we are a culture that numbs that, that

Speaker 3:                           29:42                     you know, all of our different addictions, whether it’s Instagram or alcohol or food or whatever, are trying to, or about us trying to avoid the way we feel.

Speaker 2:                           29:50                     So feel it. Sit in it, rolling it, bathing it, feel your feelings on your shit. That’s my grandma’s side. Yes, grandma. She’ll be like, [inaudible] step three, be clear of your desires, right? Also. So, okay. You know how you feel and I know what you want.

Speaker 3:                           30:10                     Yes. Clarity and make this a fun process. Put fun into this. There’s no desperation about this. Look at you. You’re amazing. You’re gorgeous, you’re beautiful. You are. And you popping, you deserve desire.

Speaker 2:                           30:22                     Cause you do boo. You really do. Okay. I love that one. By the way. Step five, act as if it’s time to start claiming that man or that woman into your life and acting like they’re already, they’re not coming, but already they’re already there. I love that mixed base for them. Also, that’s kind of like, I want to say it’s like five B, like you know, maybe sleep on one half of the bed, you know, leave a little room in your closet, leave some time off at the end of the year for y’all to go on that first couple’s vacation together. Commit. Right. I love that. And the last one, which I love, Tunis in the home, being aware of Tunis in general. Yes.

Speaker 3:                           31:02                     Tunis in general. Tunis in the home, Tunis wherever. And let me just add on a bonus lead. Flirt madly with everybody. Men, women, babies, whoever gets your flirt on and just enjoy being you

Speaker 2:                           31:16                     or freely lady, you have permission, you have permission. You really do. Oh and one other thing you said that. So important to know and I don’t want us to forget, be selective with who you’re sharing it with. This ain’t everybody’s business. It’s not everybody’s business.

Speaker 3:                           31:28                     This is your incredible own creation, your beautiful love life. Everybody doesn’t need to know everything. They don’t

Speaker 2:                           31:36                     and you don’t want anybody blocking your blessings. We block our own enough. Yeah, you don’t want to let them wrong energy. And cause like Abiola’s saying, this is all about manifesting the right energy. Yes.

Speaker 3:                           31:45                     And sometimes we’re just not, you know, you may feel like, okay but I want to tell this person but if your own energy around it is not strong enough yet, you may not be able to tell them until you bring it into being.

Speaker 2:                           31:55                     Now baby, you aren’t endless source of this information. This is just a snippet yall of what she can offer just in a conversation, a tweet, a video, please tell everyone where they can go and get daily inspiration from you by your manifestation products, your cards. Just tell the girls where to go.

Speaker 3:                           32:12                     So my website is, womanifesting that comes, so like but and presently the most powerful thing that we have going on is my goddess of Paris miracles and manifestation retreat. We are going to Paris, it’s an annual empowerment spiritual retreat. And this year the focus is on manifesting our desires, manifesting abundance, manifesting radians. And so where are, where’s the best place to do that? Paris. And we’re staying in a castle in France. Yes. And we are going to be manifesting all of our fairy tale life. I love that and don’t, and please tell them about the cards and you’re all, you have ability, you have a whole line of products to help women out with this. So my third deck of affirmation cards would be really, really powerful for this conversation. And it’s the sacred bombshell deck of self-love journaling cards. We were talking about journaling.

Speaker 3:                           33:06                     These are self-love journaling cards. You can pick one each day and just do, if you’d like, I don’t know what to write. I want to journal. No, no on the right. Yes. Just pick a card a day and it’ll tell you, it’ll give you a prompt and you’re like, you know, like, well, what was it like, you know, well, what did your mother really believe about love or something like that, or what did your father, you know, really think about, um, relationships or money or whatever. And you just do the assignment on the card. I have three decks, African goddess affirmation cards. The would manifest in cards and the self love journaling cards and also all kinds of courses and goodies like you said, like does Emma [inaudible]. Thank you so much. Loving. I’m going to manifest a visit where you come back and give more gems and more live. We’ll have to take on another topic because you truly have inspired me in so many ways and thank you for coming and sharing your wisdom. Thank you.


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