My day started today with a feel-good kettlebell swing workout — but it’s not always easy to stay on point when life takes over…

Yippppppeeeeeee for THIS being your Bombshell Breakthrough Year!

The first group of women in my 28-Day Love-Body-Spirit Detox Program just made it to Day 28. It’s an intense online coaching program with emotional, physical and mental transformation tools. I am SO proud of them. It’s a course load that I have covered in 90 days or 40 days at the least but I really wanted to make the program affordable. Of course many of us have fitness and wellness intentions but by this time of year, those intentions may seem like a mirage.

That’s okay. You get a chance to start new at every meal, with every new day. Just hit the reset button. If you need some inspiration, listen in on the Body Healing, Body Acceptance workshop for my beautiful, Bombshell Day 28’rs.

With the arrival of a new year comes the making and breaking of New Year’s resolution. You have to make one to break one, and among the top 10 most popular for 2014 are releasing unhealthy weight and staying fit. Will you be one of the determined 64 percent who continue their resolution past January, or even better, the 46 percent who make it past six months? Some of the top reasons why fitness resolutions don’t stick, according to SHAPE, are if you do them by yourself, set extremely lofty goals and sign up for too high of a financial burden. Let’s take a closer look at each setback, one-by-one. By the end, you will be armed with a variety of tips, tricks and tools to help you accomplish your goals this year.

Of course, this is a body loving, healthy at EVERY size, body acceptance space. The biggest tool in your wellness arsenal is ALWAYS SELF-LOVE. DO speak with your own doctor to decide what works best for you. This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

New Year resolutions

Your Bombshell Team.

Grab a friend and get fit together. Having someone by your side to motivate, encourage and challenge you along the way will not only help you succeed, but also make it more fun. We don’t do willpower and discipline. We doo bliss-power and blissipline!

Having a hard time getting schedules to mesh? Take your buddy program online. A mobile app like MyFitnessPal can help keep the companionship and accountability aspects of your workout even when you can’t get together in person. The food journal and activity log platform enables you to track your progress, while the social component (you can find friends through your address book or Facebook account) of the app allows you to connect and share with friends. This is also a great tool if you want to partner with a long distance friend.

Set Attainable Goals.

Instead of creating one large goal that could take months to achieve, identify smaller, individual goals that will help you get to the same end result. This way you can celebrate wins along the way and stay motivated.

Looking to increase flexibility? Set a goal to learn yoga and as you achieve the various poses and become more skilled, you will naturally see your flexibility improve. Want to build strength? Identify the areas you would like to improve and focus on each one individually. One week can be dedicated to arms, while another legs and another core. Keep in mind you will likely be working muscles that have been unengaged for some time. In order to avoid injury, it is important to stretch and perform strengthening exercises. You will find a variety of resources online depending on the area of focus. For example: for back pain relief, Laser Spine Institute offers a variety of exercises and stretches for the back and neck pain, while CNN Health has created a slideshow of their favorite knee exercises. For alternate ailments, simply type “(your area of concern) strengthening exercises” in your search engine and a variety of resources will appear.

Look for Affordable Alternatives.

Despite popular belief, getting in shape does not require a costly gym membership or collection of at-home DVDs. Instead, with a little self-discipline, you can create and perform your own regimens for no cost at all. Websites like The Daily Hiit and WorkoutBOX offer a variety of exercises you can perform from home while still achieving the results you want.