New Moon Sister Circle Online - Failure to LaunchHow to Leap Over Failure to Launch –

This past weekend, diverse groups of women worldwide took to streets, podiums and screens to say, basically, “we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.”

Whatever you think about the Women’s March, consider this…

WHAT IF the organizers were still STUCK in the PRE- meeting phase about how the march should go and still making endless PLANS, notes and charts and graphs for MONTHS and YEARS about when, how and whether to proceed?

We have to launch, chica.

WE have big ideas and big visions.

How do I know?
Because my tribe, my audience, is specifically big vision women.

So what happens when YOU have failure to launch?

What happens when your projects and programs are not born into the world?

This is what we will be working on this New Moon Friday in our Manifest Your Magic Digital Sister Circle. Leaping over fears and failing to launch…

Watch Overcoming Failure to Launch

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