The ONE really important thing you need to be a success story with your heart-centered business… Ready? Let’s get into it!

For a long time, I thought that PASSION or HOPE plus HARD WORK alone was enough to succeed. I was wrong. There is one thing that every successful business bombshell and spiritpreneur and from Oprah Winfrey to Gabby Bernstein has. (In addition to their powerful passion and heroic hope…)

This needs to be a part of your business plan and your every day when you are answering your calling, living on purpose, and building your business. So if HOPE is not a business plan, PASSION is not a success strategy, and HARD WORK alone is NOT the key, then WHAT IS?

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

As you know, I’m a self-worth coach. My work is about you answering your calling, stepping into your greatness, and living on purpose. I teach Big Vision Women to stop playing small. For many of you, this means building your heart-centered business.

I give lectures on the power of PASSION and “self-love sermons” on unblocking your blessings, so what I am about to say is extremely controversial. HOPE is not a business plan. And neither is PASSION.

This may sound odd from someone who for many years branded herself as “the Lifestyle Passionista” and a “Passionate Living Coach.” I still know and believe in my heart that passionate living is the steam for your engine and the catalyst to help you do the work you came to do.

I still empower US to live with PASSION. But passion alone is not a business plan. And neither is hope.

It takes soulcare, skills, and strategy, but there is ONE critical piece that we all need to get where we are going and answer our callings. If I would have know this 10 years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of time, stress, and heartache.

Whether you are an author, speaker, designer, coach, trainer, consultant, doctor, architect, minister, lawyer, or anything in between, there is only one key to your entrepreneurial success.

I promise you, it is not what you think I’m going to say!

Here’s how to bombshell your business.

The one critical thing EVERY spiritpreneur and business bombshell needs to succeed is Your Guru Proposition(TM).

So what is a Guru Proposition? And how do you create one? Where does it go in your business plan? How does it get you clients, readers, customers, and press? Where does it fit into answering your calling and living on purpose? How can it help you raise money or pitch your work?

It’s too much to teach in an email so it’s Lesson 1 of 4 in my freeSpiritpreneur Success Strategy mini-course. It’s a 48-minute lesson, so be ready to take notes and put the strategies into motion today.  ​

Passion is not a Success Strategy

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(At Harvard Business Institute, they actually spend a unit discussing parts of what I’m talk about here. They don’t include the elements that are personalized to you, your success, fears, resources, and the unique challenges you face. But clearly, this is important. That’s why it is lesson one of the free video series.)

xoxo, Abiola

P.S. In a day or two, I’ll be sharing my own personal spiritpreneur journey – and the lessons that you can take from my missteps.

But you don’t have to wait for that.

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