EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool for dealing with personal challenges, blocks and limiting beliefs.

Let’s talk about fear of betraying other people with your success, fear of outshining your friends, family, culture, or social group.

Outshining the tribe and being kicked out for being unlovable is a primal fear, that may be causing you to hold back and play small…


Fear of Betraying Your Loved Ones by Outshining
[Vimeo Video Link]

​Hey Goddess!

Yesterday’s EFT Spiritpreneur session on overcoming fear of selling was fiyyyyyaaaaahhhhh!

We are going to have another 15 minute EFT mindset blast today, 6pm EST on Facebook.com/abiolaTV
Our focus?

Holding yourself back because your success would be a betrayal and fear of shining too brightly.
Let’s tap it out!!

You can find the replay of yesterday’s session here.


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