Today is Day 15 of 30 for Project Body Love’s 30 Days of Body Love. The topic is jealousy and envy…


Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Love Lesson: Hating Other Women is Hating Yourself

A few years ago I attended the wedding of an Afro-Caribbean groom and a Nigerian American bride. The groom was a lawyer and the bride was a doctor and the gorgeous ceremony celebrated all of their cultures – African American, West African, West Indian. They were setting off to recreate a real live “Cosby Show.” The minister’s sermon was powerful as he admonished us, the celebratory audience, about the lack of community around love.

“As you’re all dressed up and present to witness this coming together you are now partially responsible for this couple’s success,” he commanded. He went on to say, “Support them because if this doesn’t work out you are all required to return here together and explain why.”

It was such a powerful thought at the time that it brought me to tears. They were my friends and I was obligated to be the keeper of my brother – and especially my sister. So when the marriage crumbled a few years later did I show up anywhere, question the situation, offer my support as the preacher requested? Nope. Sadly, I was too knee deep in my own life to even notice. Come to think of it, the preacher (my dad) said the same at my own first wedding and no one showed up when that completed itself either.

How would our men treat us if we really walked the talk of sisterhood? What if we adhered to a strict policy of “no sister left behind?” What kind of difference would it make if we truly had each others’ backs in matters of life and love? How would our own lives reflect the positivity we put out towards others? What if you celebrated the success of other women rather than reveling in their dramas?

P.S. That’s an excerpt from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.

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