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Most people would associate Runes with pagan tradition and rituals that supposedly began in the forests of northern Europe. When we talk about the Runes, we indicate the ancient Germanic alphabet used before Latin. They used runes to write languages before the introduction of Latin.

Roles of Runes’ Origination

Runes, in general, were used both in speech and in writing. It is still not entirely clear how each symbol was pronounced. The word rune in ancient Roman means mystery, while in English, it denotes the term secret or whisper.

It is because ancient nations didn’t use paper for writing. They carved letters/symbols into the wood with a knife. The Vikings often tattooed runes that had a special meaning for them so that their gods would recognize and obey their wishes.

What are the Two Versions of Runes?

  1. The Elder Futhark
    The Elder Futhark was used from the second to the ninth century. It contained 24 symbols that fellow humans used as letters. Each of the symbols had inherent meaning. The other name is Germanic Futhark.
  2. The Younger Futhark
    The Younger Futhark appeared in the ninth century, and it had only 16 symbols. The other name is Scandinavian Futhark. W

An even lesser-known fact is that the Runes are mentioned in a book written by the Roman historian Tacitus in the first century AD.

Runes for Divination

Runes are a form of divination used to answer questions. They are usually made of wood or stone, but you can also make them from other materials such as bone and metal. Runes are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, and you can cast them on a table, floor, or cloth.

How to Cast Runes Using Different Techniques
Cast the runes by drawing them from a bag onto the surface where you can read them. The runes fall out one by one and land in the “spread” pattern. The shape of the spread and its orientation on the surface give clues about what each rune means.

There are many different casting runes, but they all have the same goal: divination. The most common way to cast runes is by drawing them on a flat surface and then reading them in relation to each other. The runes are drawn in three rows of eight, with the first row being the significator rune (the rune that represents you).

You can also use the following ways to cast runes:

  1. Casting three runes – put all the runes in a bag, mix them well and randomly select three. Place them one by one on a white cloth. The first is a general view of your challenges. The second one represents your obstacles. The third rune is the potential choice or direction you could take.
  2. Casting nine runes – method where you need to take nine runes out of your bag at once. With your eyes closed, throw them on a white cloth.

How to Read the Runes

The runes are divided into three groups: The first group is known as “the aetts” which are broken up into two sets of eight runes each. The second group is known as “the rune lords, ” containing three runes each. The third group is known as “the rune ladies,” which contains three runes each.

We use The Elder Futhark for divination. That version splits into three parts that tell the story of cycles of life:

  1. Freyr’s Aett – 8 symbols that represent our stronghold and accumulation of earthly possessions symbolizing wealth, strength, and communication
  2. Heimdall’s Aett – 8 symbols that represent growth, maturity, destiny, abundance, and obstacles
  3. Haeg’s Aett – 8 symbols that depict spirituality, heritage, birth, community, and intuition

You need to know the meaning of each of the runes so that you can foretell destiny.

Tips for Reading Runes:

  • how the runes are turned (those that are turned face down can indicate problems that have not yet occurred)
  • which runes are close to the center of the fabric and which are not (all runes that are far from the center of the white fabric indicate anything less relevant in your life)