It’s time to let go of everything that has been holding us back in mind, body and spirit! We need to “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” Join me… Happy New Year!

I am so excited to share this new empowerment program with you. 

It’s 2014 and it’s time for a new start. Announcing my 28-Day Love Body Spirit Detox program for your life. This is a whole life, whole foods, whole spirit detox. This is a HAES Healthy at Every Size, Mindfulness, Intuitive Eating, Detoxification Self-Love Program. We pick up where the Master Cleanse leaves off and go deeper. Check with your own doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any weight loss or fitness regimen.

I always advise my coaching clients to end a life cycle or begin a new cycle with a whole life detox or mental cleanse before moving forward. When we hear the word detox, we think about Beyonce and other stars mixing up lemon and cayenne pepper or juicing to create a Master Cleanse. For those of us with roots in the Caribbean or the South, detoxing one’s body is not a new concept. Folks have horror stories about being made to take castor oil or senna as a child for “a good cleaning out,” as my mother would say. Of course this does not constitute medical advice and you should check with your own doctor or practitioner to decide what’s right for you.

Unfortunately, no medicine or vitamin can clear your mind or heart of the traumas and heartbreaks you’ve experienced. Many of us keep replaying the same old hurts year after year in new relationships with people who are carbon copies of our exes. We complain about how nothing ever changes and as a result it never does.

A physical cleanse is considered by some to be a good part of body maintenance, however, we really need to go a bit deeper mentally and spiritually as well. With this in mind I custom designed a full life cleanse called the “Love Body Spirit™ Detox.”

We have toxins in every area of our lives. Let’s let them GO!

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By the way, the quote in the header of this post was from Neville. Let’s get aligned. Feel it!

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