An important movie about a courageous young woman dealing with issues around depression, suicide, love, survival and family.

I had the opportunity to work with the phenomenal Taqiyya in the documentary below to find healing and reduce stigmas around depression and mental illness. We used drama therapy and spoken word poetry as a healing tool. “Knives in My Throat” is the first film to address mental health for black women in the hip hop generation. The film can also be a teaching tool for those who have family challenges that include schizophrenia.

The full title of the film  is “Knives in My Throat: The Year I Survived When My Mind Tried to Kill Me.”

Taqiyya lived in Harlem, NY at the time and her family lived in Long Island. She was 25 when this film was made and is now in her 30s, happy and healthy with a family of her own. This is a film about race, class, family, mental health awareness and removing taboos. Please pass it on.

Knives in My Throat: Documentary About a Black Woman Fighting Bipolar Disorder from The AbiolaTV Overflow Channel on Vimeo.


Mantra for Rising Out of Depression

Today I am ready. It is the first day of the rest of my life. I am climbing higher and (yes!) higher, shining brighter and (yes!) brighter. I accept myself. I love myself. I choose me.

The dramas of life may sometimes seem challenging and even overwhelming, but I refuse to give up on myself. I may be in pain but I am choosing to love me. My life has a divinely inspired purpose and my delicious happiness is always worth fighting for. I may stumble or even fall. It’s all good. I always rise. I dust life’s dramas off my stilettos and move forward.

I am safe and it is safe to be safe. I will not to succumb to disappointment by accepting that things may not always work out the way I want them to. This is life and I accept this now. When things do not work out as planned, I choose to love, honor and accept myself. I release all beliefs that no longer serve me.

I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to see that I am safe and I am loved. In the face of difficult times, I pray and ask my Creator for guidance. The answers to my questions can be found through prayer. I protect my heart from bitterness when I accept the Creator’s sovereign plan over my own. I choose to heal my beautiful heart. I am ready for something better. Yay, me!

Hello forgiveness. Yes, in place of bitterness or self-pity, I embrace forgiveness. Letting go of my hurt is the key. I forgive myself for my missteps and focus on my divine strengths. I forgive others and release them for their roles in to any perceived negative circumstances. We are all beautifully human.

To keep any feeling of loneliness at bay, I surround myself with those who love, care about me and support my highest and best good. Having others rally with me is a source of love, comfort and divine strength. When I know I am not alone (because I am NEVER alone) I have the courage to stand up to depression. My connection to Something Greater Than me is always my lifeline. I am made stronger with support. My faith keeps me on solid ground.

Knowing that I am unconditionally loved (YES!) helps me realize that there is more to life. Today, I choose life, life, my JUICY LIFE! I choose to embrace the healing love being offered to me so I may live a divinely inspired big, brave bombshell life filled with joy and purpose.

And for this I am so grateful.