As a transformational coach, I lead an annual international  healing retreat called Goddess Pray Love. Last year we went to Bali and this year we go to Belize. The women’s self-love retreat is a life-changing experience including meditation, belly dancing, ancestral clearing, forgiveness rituals, indigenous healers, organic vegan food and more. But what if you need to hit the reset button on your life and can’t make it to a retreat like mine in Bali or Belize?


How to Create a Powerful Self-love Retreat Weekend at Home:


  1. Prepare. If you are going to do a self-love retreat weekend, plan it in advance. This will allow you to shop for your groceries and let family and friends know you will be unreachable. Decluttering your environment will also help set the stage for a new beginning. You may choose to do a highly organized solo weekend or play it by ear.
  2. Journal. Write a clear intention statement. Where are you now and where do you want to be at the end of this experience? Why do you feel that you need a transformational retreat? As a self-love retreat leader, I always focus on intention.
  3. Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being present. You may choose to do guided meditations or yoga with videos as a mindfulness practice. Just allowing yourself to “be here now” can be life-giving.
  4. Eat well. Will you do a raw vegan fast during your retreat weekend? Will you eat only organic foods? Or will you juice and increase your water intake? Treat your body with love during this experience by eating foods that love you back.
  5. Detox from the media. Turn off all devices and give yourself a media and social media time out. Find out who you are when you don’t have other people’s opinions, thoughts and images coming at you every hour on the hour.
  6. Be grateful. Gratitude has a life-force of its own. Spend time during this experience forgiving old grudges and being grateful for the magic of your life in the present moment.  


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