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Greetings Goddess,


I finally got the chance to really reflect on 2022.

It was a huge comfort zone breaking year for me — as I finally was blessed to answer my calling as Ruby’s mama.  🙂  (Yay) 

In 2022 I lived in my ancestral country of Guyana with my precious miracle newborn, experienced the cleansing of the powerful Tobago Waterfalls at my last Goddess of Manifesting retreat, saw my African Goddess Rising oracle cards widely available from Bali to Paris, I did 1:1 virtual readings for the first time (so much fun) and launched Mawu’s Goddess  Mystery School and the Ancestor Cohort plus several Hay House courses and projects  — and I also invested in more high level coaching and support for MYSELF than ever before.


With a baby as a single mom and running an abundant business full time, my schedule as you can imagine is “evolving.” 

But I’ve been LOVING getting to talk directly to YOU in our new FREE Facebook Goddess Temple Group — AND on the getting to know you calls for the Priestess of Power Retreat.


Facing fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs is a big part of the transformational, healing and integrative work we will be doing in Belize in April.

So — how can we get more comfortable outside of our comfort zones? This question is more important than ever as we are in our RISING season.

Here’s how to get more comfy stepping beyond that zone of comfort:

1) Allow yourself to feel your feelings — or become aware of them first. 

When folks feel uncomfortable with growth and expansion, they often either hide this feeling or lie to themselves about feeling it. Instead of helping the problem, this makes the feeling worse. Instead acknowledge your feelings of discomfort. Learn to hold space for yourself and just sit in this energy.

2) Get professional support to deal with any trauma that you may be facing. 

3) Remind yourself daily that you are only human — a goddess yes — but human! 

Remind yourself that you are only human, and it is okay to make mistakes. This will help you better see the bright side of being uncomfortable, and maybe you will even be able to laugh at yourself a little next time you make a perceived misstep or mistake outside of your comfort zone.

4) List your fears…

What are you so scared of anyway? What makes you so uncomfortable? Make a written list. Writing your fears can make them seem less scary.

5) Remember most growth makes us uncomfortable…

Instead of than thinking “I feel uncomfortable,” try thinking “I am growing” or “This is what growth feels like.”  Once you reassociate the negative feeling of discomfort with something more positive, this will help you to feel more comfortable with it. You are headed towards something great, even if you feel uncomfortable right now!

This is our YEAR!!




Break out of your comfort zone, goddess!

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