No More Chains… the book and film that proves that your history does not determine your destiny!

My sister in coaching, speaking, transformation and business, Ari Squires, has a powerful new film and anthology — and I am honored and blessed to be a part of both.

“No More Chains” is about redemption, healing and hope.

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“No More Chains” Documentary Trailer

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Conversation with Spiritpreneur Ari Squires

Abiola: How did you transition from empowering business owners from the stage, to a fully produced film backed by Hollywood talent?

Ari: Through the power of strategic partnerships. In business you must have a clear vision for where you want your business to go and who you wish to serve. I knew that I wanted to expand my brand through film so I connected myself to the right people and built strong partnerships with people who believe in the vision of releasing emotional, mental and generational chains, so that we can be truly successful in business.

Abiola: The “No More Chains” stories of the 11 women and even your own personal story rarely end well, especially when wanting a lasting love, family, the white picket fence. Yet, that has been part of your journey, and of many of the profiled women. How did you get there?

Ari: I had to release my own chains of shame and believe in myself more. My husband played a really big role in that. He helped me to realize that I was the one standing in my own way. Not the system. Not my past. But my own thoughts about my future. He encouraged me to stick with my plans of entrepreneurship. He said, “You made your mom happy. Now go make yourself happy.” His support has been instrumental to my success in business.

Abiola: No More Chains… That’s beautiful!

Ari: Family support is essential. In coaching women who seek business success, I find that some don’t have the support from their spouse like they should. That really breaks my heart because I’ve never had that, but I did have a parent who didn’t support my dreams, so I knew the struggle. All the women in the film are too entrepreneurs. I was amazed at the support from their families and spouses who were on set during filming. There was love and genuine support from all the ladies family. Their husbands were right there. That makes what we do as women in business, lives so much easier.

Abiola: Yes, we don’t make it alone. Support and a team are essential.

Ari: In order to succeed against the odds you must find a strong support team. This will include coaches, mentors, friends and significant others. Don’t think you can do life or business alone. That is what makes this movement so powerful. It’s not about just me. It’s about every single woman, her kids, her family and everyone watching. We need one another to succeed against the odds, and my hope is that this book anthology and film will bring women and those of us in business closer, so we can achieve more together.

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