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Goddess of Grounding Khoekhoen/South Africa
Temple: Ancestors
Element: Bush

You may know Great Ancestress Sawtche as Saartjie or Sarah Baartman, the woman forced to perform as the “Hottentot Venus” in 19th-century London. But before that, she was Sawtche, a Khoekhoen girl in South Africa who deserved better.

Sawtche’s Guidance
Protect your magic. Your heart is your own. Your body is your own. Your mind is yours. Your truth and story are your own. Be rooted in your truth. Create healthy boundaries.

Your energy is unsteady. Breathe. Come into the present. Say out loud, “I am here.” Trauma, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear disconnect you from your body. Grounding keeps you present. When you feel rootless or unsettled, come back to your breath. Meditation and breathwork are grounding. Try earthing, connecting your feet to soil. Freewriting, clapping, stomping and rubbing your hands together are all grounding.

Goddess Declaration
“I am firmly planted and deeply rooted.”

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