The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck was created by Abiola Abrams and illustrated by Destiney Powell. Learn more here:

Goddess of Storms
Temple: Warriors
Element: Water

Wielding her powerful sword of truth, Oya is the Yoruba goddess of storms, wind, and lightning. Storms bring shift, rapid and uncontrollable change, and at times, chaos.

Oya’s Guidance
The winds of change are in motion. Into every life a little rain must fall. Personal storms clear away the old. Sometimes change moves slowly. At other times, change is swift.

What would you like to change? If you are not actively changing it, you are choosing it! To make shift happen, focus on what you want. Stop giving energy to what is not working.

The biggest thing holding you back is you. If you want people and life to treat you better, you go first. If you attract betrayals, stress, and strife, the common denominator is you.

Beating yourself up is self-harm. Feel your feelings. Honor your journey. Tell yourself the truth and practice self-compassion.

Goddess Declaration
“I make shift happen.”

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