The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck was created by Abiola Abrams and illustrated by Destiney Powell. Learn more here:

Nana Buluku
Goddess of Seasons
Temple: Threshold Guardians
Element: Air

Nana Buluku is the Most High, Supreme Being, primordial mother, grandmother of all the orishas (deities), and Dahomey’s wise woman, herbalist, and healer.

Nana Buluku’s Guidance
You have entered a new cycle that is very old. Allow yourself to become present. Trust in divine timing.
Don’t be in such a hurry. There are no shortcuts here.

Are you ready for a new beginning? You are in or entering a new season that will force you to evolve.
This is a time of major transition.

You are not stuck. You are holding on to old patterns. Change can be terrifying. Allow yourself to be

When you choose a new path you are ripe for self sabotage. A commitment test from the Universe may
pop up to delay this new pathway. Stay the course.

Your time is now.

Goddess Declaration
“I am limitless.”

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