Great Greetings Goddess!!

Seasons Greetings and so much love to you — for whatever you do or do not celebrate.

As 2023 comes to a close, I wanted to share my energetic goddess download for the new year.

As Spirit is calling us higher, we are a community of mystics and lightworkers are becoming more sensitive to the worlds around us. I say worlds because by now you realize that your worldview is only a tiny part of consciousness. We each have a different worldview and a unique paradigm. In essence, we each live in a different world.

I know that when some of you hear “becoming more sensitive” you think, how is that possible? And is that a good thing?

I know for me as a highly sensitive and intuitive person who had what I read as social anxiety, it felt at times like this sensitivity is a curse.

But increased sensitivity is a great thing as now we the Sensitives are being given the means not only to feel deeply, but to be able to make a difference in meaningful ways. We are using our power and magic to make impact and shift – as we always have — but now we are willing to stand in our full alignment.

This new cycle is going to be a rollercoaster ride. This is going to leave some of us clinging desperately to our fears and stories desperately.

Last week I emailed about how we are being called to step up in a greater way — and I included a YouTube Goddess Temple Sunday live replay and an invitation to a free online conference I was part of… (It may be over, but here’s the link in case they do replays:)

And one of our beautiful community sisters emailed bask immediately to say, “But I don’t have any money.”

The email didn’t mention anything about money at all!!

It was just a free video download and a link to a free online conference.

But often we are so steeped in our fears and stories of scarcity and lack that it’s all we see: lack of love, scarcity of joy, scarcity of wellbeing — and people trying to take, take, take…. Even while they may be trying to give, give, give… In 2023, you must step up and open your energy to receive, receive, receive…

It becomes more imperative for our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing during times like this that we know our ow power, and the power we have to create our reality rather than be bossed around by whatever comes down the pike.

There will always be some new fear or bully, some new virus or bug, some new recession or tax, some new war or new challenge  — and there will always be those who thrive and help others during these seeming crises. Will that be you?

More people will be feeling the sting of mental health challenges, spiritual warfare, health and other issues.

SO – please look around and see how you can HELP and give back. With every retreat and course I always make private donations to the organizations I believe in, but in 2023 for example, I am incorporating it into the program as a community service initiative.

And it’s critical now more than ever to lean into your joy, your pleasure, your fun and your happiness. You are the best and most magical creation of the divine.

Magical things have happened for me in this past cycle of my life – as we go collectively into the new cycle, I want you to hold me to a higher standard – just as I am doing for you.

It scares me to say that there is HEAVY GRIEF on the horizon. That’s why I think I am burying this big looming energy I feel deep here in this message.

But there is also INCREDIBLE EXPANSION — you will receive, accomplish, achieve — in 2023. And yes, that is very spiritual energy.

Heal the shame and forgive, forgive, forgive to welcome in greater creativity, love and abundance in the coming year.

So that I too may be accountable to the energy of stepping up, leveling up and raising my standards, I will be sharing more of my journey with you. In this new year, I am going to be talking more about love, sensuality and money. This is my Priestess Era — and perhaps yours. I am writing a new book and birthing a new deck. I have a new course cohort coming and an ALL VIP Belize Retreat being announced in a few days, plus opportunities to work deeper with me for those who have a big calling. Plus my deck is coming out in French and I will be speaking in Florida at an upcoming Hay House event. The latter part of the year will see me back on TV.

It is going to be a rollercoaster of a year, the year that changes everything — so buckle up, hold on — and let’s gooooooooo….

And most importantly, because tomorrow is not promised let’s hold our loved ones tighter than ever and let them know what they mean to us TODAY.

Love always,