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What is Automatic Writing? How to Try it Today

Automatic writing is the channeling of our spiritual wisdom. It is known as psychography (psychic ability, a person writes words unconsciously). Of course, those words always arise from a spiritual or divine source.

Since divination is a form of active listening, so is automatic writing. In doing so, you write down those words that you have heard in your mind. To try this prediction method, you need to follow these steps:

Step #1
Think about the questions you would like to get answered. Then take the papers and write each question on a separate piece of paper. Formulate your questions so that they are open format, not simply yes or no questions. If technology suits you better, you can also use a mobile phone or computer.

Step #2
What are the rituals you perform before meditation or a ceremony? You can apply these same rituals now when you have written down your questions. We recommend that you light a candle or incense. You can have some ambient music in the background. Settle somewhere where you have peace and where no one will disturb you. Try to get into a relaxed mood. You can always dim the light.

Step #3
Start with a prayer. Be precise. State who you want to talk to and get answers from. You can create a prayer or find one to correspond with energetically and use it for such purposes.

Step #4
After praying, you can apply one of the breathing techniques to relax and enter a meditative state. As you breathe, close your eyes and imagine traveling to a beautiful place, far away, where your oasis of peace is. In the middle of the oasis is a table with papers and pencils (the same one you have in front of you). You slowly come to that table and sit down. Continue breathing for another 2-3 minutes.

Step #5
Open your eyes and say the first question aloud. Write down all the words that come to mind. Repeat the question from time to time and keep writing until you run out of words. Don’t think about grammar and sentence structures. Also, do not analyze what you are writing at that moment. Your hands are just a tool at a time.

Step #6
When the session seems to be over, express gratitude aloud and close your eyes. Always go back the same way you came (imagined).

Step #7
Set the papers aside and change the focus. Go for a walk, have a meal, or go to sleep. Establishing a certain distance between divination and interpretation is essential. When you feel that enough time has passed, go back to what you wrote down. Look at the words and patterns you repeated. Make a connection between everything written and your question. In that connection lies the answer to your question.

Note: There are no rules. Every divination session is magical. Don’t be afraid to sail into the sea of your thoughts. You will be surprised what you can find there.