List of Everyday Acts of Bravery
1. Being a Woman.
2. Giving a damn.
~Poet Cleo Wade

Hey Beautiful,

Ever look back at an old photo and think, wow, I’m not who I thought I was at all?

My mom recently found some old pics in a drawer, including this one:


(Now to be clear, kids, that’s no 80s filter! That’s the actual 1980s. LOL )

What I remember about myself from that time period is an awkward, chubby girl with embarrassing acne and itchy contacts, feeling too awkward to even exist, and being basically un-presentable because of the weepy, gross eczema in the crooks of my arms and scalp.

Of course, all of these years later, I look back and I don’t don’t see any of that.

I just see a beautiful girl.

So what if we are wrong about ourselves right now?

Perception creates reality…

Have you ever looked back at a photo of yourself from a time when you thought you were too fat, for example, and you see that you were clearly drinking the self-hate Kool-Aid?

Not only were you “just fine”, but if you could be “too fat” LIKE THAT AGAIN, your doctor, your heart and your mirror would be happy!

I want us to think about this as we think of our lives, our work, and who we are just this very minute.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Especially not MOST of the B.S. that we believe about ourselves.

Be WILLING, at the VERY least, to give YOU the benefit of the doubt.

  • What if you are NOT the not-quite-ever-there-yet mess up you imagine yourself to be?
  • Perhaps you’re not the “BLACK SHEEP” or broken evil villain you imagine yourself to be?
  • What if you are NOT the IMPOSTOR you fear everyone knows you are?
  • What if you are NOT the list of endless incomplete goals, projects, and objects?
  • What if you are NOT your FEARS?


  • What if you are NOT the father…

(Sorry! Saw a Maury commercial last night and it’s still haunting me!)

Be WILLING to BELIEVE the BEST about yourself, not the worst.

Put some “RESPECK” on yourself.

You are doing it.

Just the fact that you are reading this means that you are in the game.

And that, my darling, is the point of life.


Love and every blessing,

xoxo, Abiola



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