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A recent conversation centered on what we do for Goddess Self-Care.
My spiritual self-care definitely involves baths.
Some of these, like the Okra bath in my book African Goddess Initiation are not pretty, but serve a co-creative or cleansing focus. 
This Goddess OYA bath will leave you feeling empowered — especially during this powerful new moon in Aries — with the rare and magical hybrid solar eclipse. (If you didn’t see yesterday’s goddess energy reading, go back to your email and check it out.)
This Oya spiritual bath can also help you harness this fiery energy and manifest your hidden desires.
At my Tobago Retreat our water ritual was in a sacred waterfall in the forest.
At the JUNE Priestess of Power Retreat, our water ritual will be led by a Mayan priestess in the jungle.
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Oya is the orisha is associated with wind, storms, and transformation. She is known to be a fierce protector and a force of change, helping us navigate the winds of change and move forward with courage and strength.
For OYA’s bath, you need:
  • A white or purple candle
  • Lavender and rosemary herbs
  • Epsom salt (Or sea salt)
  • A bathtub or large basin
Got it? YAY…
Okay love — then here’s what to do:
Begin by lighting the candle and setting your intention. Call upon the energy of the Divine to guide and protect you as you move forward on your path.

Fill the bathtub or basin with warm water and add a handful of Epsom salt. This will help cleanse your aura and energy field.

Add a handful of dried lavender and rosemary herbs to the water. These herbs help with spiritual purification, protection, and transformation. Tell them that’s what they are here for today.
Blow into the water and repeat:
-I welcome in the winds of love.
I am love.
-I welcome in the winds of joy. 
I am joy,
-I welcome in the winds of abundance. 
I am abundance. 


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Soak in the charged bath for at least 15-20 minutes, visualizing the energy of the herbs and salt cleansing and purifying your energy field.
You may also wish to recite a prayer or affirmation to honor the energy of Oya and align with her transformative energy.

After your bath, allow yourself to air dry and rest for a few moments.
Journal on any insights that may come up.
This is the perfect time to do a reading.
You can also fill out your new moon check…

When you are ready, blow out the candle and give thanks to Goddess Oya for her protection and guidance.

This Goddess Oya bath can help you navigate this energy and move forward with clarity and purpose.
Remember to approach this work with intention, stay grounded and focused on your ASE’ — true purpose, and seek out support and guidance when needed.
Ok, love, may this ritual bring you clarity, and the juicy motivation you need to create a successful and fulfilling life aligned with your soul’s purpose.
Blessings and love,
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