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Money Mindset Reset Camp

Gorgeous Spiritpreneur® Goddess


Overwhelmed by self-sabotage?
Is all of your money talk about #TheStruggle?
Are you financially stuck and under-earning?

Special Message for you...

"I found God in myself. And I loved her fiercely." ~Ntozake Shange

Shift happens, when we make it happen.
Let's get this abundance party started!

The Money Mindset Reset Process was designed to free you from your money-blocking beliefs that are preventing you from stepping into your power.

The Spiritpreneur® Money Blocks Paradigm

*If you have money blocks, you have personal power blocks...
*If you have personal power blocks, you have success blocks...
*If you have success blocks, you have self-worth blocks.
*If you have self-worth blocks, you have happiness blocks.
*If you have happiness blocks, you have receiving blocks.
*If you have receiving blocks, you have money blocks...


  • Even if... your money blocks are generational or ancestral;
  • Even if... everybody else believes you're doing REALLY well but you don't;
  • Even if... you believe that it isn't spiritual or artistic or benevolent to make money;
  • Even if... you have hit a money ceiling;
  • Even if... money and numbers and business are overwhelming to you;
  • Even have secretly felt stuck for a really long time.

YES, even if you feel overwhelmed because you have failed to take inspired action before.

Sounds hard to believe that YOU can do this?... Keep reading...

Hi, I'm Abiola Abrams,

Founder of Spiritpreneur® School & Womanifesting University

Take a deep breath.

You are enough.

It's beautiful to connect with you.

I am a badass Spiritpreneur® sister, daughter, future mom, partner and friend.

I am also an award-winning transformational author, speaker, coach, media personality and international retreat leader. I have multiple shiny degrees and certifications I can tell you more about if you really care. Most importantly, I am known as the Self-Worth Midwife and I make shift happen. You may have seen me helping to create mindset shifts on networks from MTV to the BBC and in publications from Essence Magazine to the New York Post.

When I first got the spiritual nudge to talk about money, I had to ask if the Universe was knocking on the right door. I come from a global family of lightworkers and changemakers STEEPED in scarcity consciousness for generations -- with the extremely limiting belief that it is not spiritual or benevolent or artistic to make money.

Along with my Sisterhood of Traveling Brokeness crew, I had a righteousness about being broke. I had a reverse snobbery about not having money. I believed, "I get to choose my own path and the payoff is that I make less money."

All of this righteousness left me broke, bankrupt and feeling that I was unworthy.

I also saw the same patterns in audiences of amazing women as I spoke on stages around the country. The best and brightest women leaders and entrepreneurs were overwhelmed and under-earning.

Whether we grew up poor, wealthy or somewhere in between, we all had ONE thing in common. Money blocks! We were steadily holding ourselves out of the stream of abundance.

I focused on creating an abundance education for myself. Once I tapped into the process to free myself, things turned around very quickly -- and they can turn around very quickly for you TOO.

Abundance Money Cash

It's time for you to

The Spiritpreneur® Money Mindset Reset Camp is a powerful 8-week program especially created to help Spiritpreneur® Goddesses dismantle and dissolve your money blocks, reset your money mindset and mentality, raise your abundance alignment, and shift the limiting beliefs that are keeping you under-earning and playing small.

What is the secret behind the Money Mindset Reset?

This program is NOT about a money making scheme or gimmick.
This program is about freeing yourself from the money mentality that is keeping you stuck.

Q: What do you believe you would have to sacrifice in order to have more money?

Q: Why do you believe that you don't have the relationship you deserve with money?



ASK YOURSELF THIS: What would it mean to you to be stuck in the same exact place a year from now?


If any of the following rings a bell, there is a reason...

  • If you feel like an impostor who could be found out at any moment, there is a reason.
  • If you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same money place for a long time, there is a reason.
  • If you feel uncomfortable setting fees or asking for money, there is a reason.
  • If you feel unscrupulous when you’re trying to sell your magical services, programs, products, there is a reason.
  • If the idea of asking for a lot of money in exchange for your hard work seems daunting, there is a reason.
  • If all of this money talk makes you feel sick or overwhelmed… there is a reason.
These sounded familiar to me too, and I can seriously relate to your feelings of unfulfillment, which is why I created this program just for you.
Quotes to live by when your day isn't going as expected. A powerful reminder and source of inspiration for when you needed it most.

Top 7 Spiritpreneur® Money Blocks

[I have identified 23 Abundance Beliefs that Block Spiritpreneur® Women. ]

Limiting beliefs... fears... the way we sabotage our selves... This all describes our relationship with money. You can have money blocks whether you grew up very wealthy, very poor or somethere in between. Ramit Sethi, the author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, coined the term "invisible scripts" for beliefs that are so deeply held in our mind that they're actually invisible to us.

When it comes to truly owning your abundance, there are seven damaging beliefs that hold us back from taking action.

Spiritpreneur® Money Block #1
"I am an impostor."

Last June, one of my Spiritpreneur® ® clients called me in tears. She had been offered the new contract that we had carefully positioned her to receive. She would now easily be respected and regarded as an expert and guru in her niche. Her brand evolution happened pretty quickly and now she was about to stomp with the big dogs. Her tears weren’t tears of joy, however. They were tears of fear.

“What if I completely mess it up? I don’t want to blow it,” she said.

Secretly, she felt like a fraud. This changed my work with her, and what I realized I needed to bring all of my coaching clients. There is no benefit to having the skills and strategy to meet our goals if our internal “stuff” blocks us from being happy with what we want.


Spiritpreneur® Money Block #2
"I don't want to make a fool of myself."

You don't want to play yourself. You don't want to embarass your family. So you stay in your comfort zone and this keeps you and your money small.

Instinctively we all strive to find a comfort zone. We want to be sure of everything. We want to feel safe and to make sure that nothing unexpected is going to happen. The bad news for Spiritpreneur® goddesses is that your comfort zone is a very dangerous place to be. Why? If you are totally comfortable with everything in your life it means you aren’t doing anything. You are not learning or growing.

By natural law, this actually means you are becoming less! Successful people actually become quite concerned if they find they have settled into a comfort zone. They understand the negative implications of this kind of activity and quickly launch themselves into action again.


Spiritpreneur® Money Block #3
"My family stuff..."

None of us is baggage free.

When we are born, beautiful, free, happy babies, the well-meaning folks who raise us already have the baggage for us lined up.

The good news is that you don't have to carry it any further. You are not obligated to think as past generations have or live as past generations have lived. These "patterns and pathologies," as Iyanla Vanzant calls them, keep you and your money stuck.

Spiritpreneur® Money Block #4
"I feel so far behind."

"Everybody else seems so far ahead. What do they know that I don't?"

Scarcity consciousness and lack thinking has us believing that there is only but so much success to go around.

Sometimes the fact that we compare ourselves to others is enough to cause defeat in our mindset and prevent us from moving forward. We glance around and see what everyone else is doing and immediately feel inadequate. You’re not giving yourself a chance to see if you can compete, and you’ve already quit the race before it’s even begun. You never know if you might be able to do things better than your competition.

What happens if you fall short? Does the world come crashing to an end? No. You find ways along the road where you can make improvements. You are exactly where you need to be.

Comparing yourself to others and coming up short is defintely blocking your abundance.

Spiritpreneur® Money Block #5
"Charging money is not spiritual or artistic."

How can you be prosperous if you believe that it is wrong or bad for you to charge money?

"Money is the root of all evil." "Rich people are selfish." These limiting money beliefs run deep through the fabric of our culture. Then we see wealthy people on the news seeming to play out these beliefs and our psyche says -- YUP, I knew it!

This is why some of us were raised to believe that money is not spiritual. We then believe that as women making a difference we don't deserve to make money for our services, products and programs. Are you a starving artist or wounded healer? If so, then you probably resonate with this money block.

Spiritpreneur® Money Block #6
"I hate asking for anything."

This is a big one. If you hate to ask, then you probably have issues with receiving. If you have issues recceiving, then how can you truly receive money?

If you have this issue, asking for money from a client can be uncomfortable even though you’re adding value. This is especially true for Spiritpreneurs® who are unsure of the real value of all that you're providing. The consequences include giving your magic away for free – or at a highly discounted price – and never getting your business off the ground floor.

Spiritpreneur® Money Block #7
"Selling is sleazy."

Selling sucks. Especially when you don't feel worthy and don't feel like what you have to offer is worthy too.

Here is another way to look at it:

Selling is simply offering. The response of those you are offering to is not personal. They are either aligned or not aligned. They either want it or they don't.

But we make selling about our self-worth. We make selling about being pushy, sleazy or salesly. We make selling about being rejected. This is a huge money mindset abundance block.

It's okay for you to have more than you need.

 Intellectually, you know all of this to be true... 

 So why won't it stick? 

Why is it feast or famine?

 You need a money mindset makeover. 

You need a money mentality shift. 




Here's how the course will be delivered.

Each week you will receive:

>> Transformational Money Mindset Reset Process Video
>> Mindset Reset Shifting Tools
>> Power Group Call
>> Transcripts for those who learn best with text
>> Money Mindset Worksheets

The Breakdown


    • What's your story? How is your money foundation? Do you have ancestral or cultural money blocks, beliefs and issues? Let's get clean, clear and ready for abundance. 
    • Our lives are filled with guilt, blame, shame and anger when it comes to money.  We will work through processes designed to help you to clear the gunk around your money and your life.

    • What is your Spiritpreneur® Money Mindset? What is keeping you from living a life of abundance and freedom. It's time to dive right in to your beliefs that are blocking your abundance. 
    • The best way to address your abundance blocks is to go through them. So denial stops today.  Although there are Spiritpreneur® archetypes in the ways that we block our money, your money issues are specific to you. Let's delve in.

    • Let's get clear about your current money situation and your money goals. If your money life is muddy, then you will never feel abundant. Where are you currently and what do you really want?
    • Let's build your Sacred Money Map so that you have clarity on your money path. Then let's put the tools in place to help you come into alignment with this map.

    • Let's get unstuck! We each have an energetic set income that we don't give ourselves permission to exceed. It's time to step on the ignition to move past this prosperity blocker.
    • Taking inspired action is the part of creating our spiritual goals and objectives that always gets overlooked. After you come into alignment, you have to follow the inspiration to live your Sacred Money Map.

    • Let's shine a light on your shadow beliefs. There's the stuff you know and the stuff that you don't know that you don't know. This is the stuff beneath the surface that keeps you playing small.
    • This area can feel like quicksand if not addressed. Let's address it, clean it up, and get you vibrating in the energy of abundance. 

    • Growth, change and expansion. Exhale -- you are more powerful than you ever thought possible. The beautiful thing about cleaning up our money blocks is that every other area of our lives starts to become more abundant!
    • Let's integrate your money journey into your every day life, relationships and your Spiritpreneur® business.



  • You can try to patch it together yourself, reinforcing low budget beliefs of lack, but the honest truth is that your own best thinking brought you here...

*OR you can invest in yourself and the belief that your life can be different.

The #1 QUESTION I get is...

Is this right for me?

I appreciate and understand this question because if I were you, I would have the same concern.

So, who are the perfect candidates for this Spiritpreneur® Money Mindset Reset program?


  • Wantrepreneurs who will never take action .
  • Freebie-seekers committed to scarcity mindset and fearful thinking.
  • People who are seeking investment advice. This is a money mindset reset program created specially to help you create a shift in your money mentality. 
  • People who are currently in foreclosure. If you are losing your home this week, then you need to address the urgency of that situation immediately. Then come back and we'll figure out why you got there and make sure you never get there again.


  • Wonder women entrepreneurs who have hidden money blocks that keep you playing small;
  • Goddesses who are under-earning and have been stuck at an income ceiling for a long time;
  • Spiritpreneurs® who don't like talking about money and hate selling;
  • Rockstar women who seem to be doing well on the outside, but feel like a money mess on the inside;
  • Goddesses who have read book after book, taken program after program and "can't move ahead;"
  • Magic women who have chanted every money affirmation there is and still come up short;
  • Spiritpreneur® women who are trying to start, grow or save their businesses.

The Goddesses are Talking

Kara Stevens
The Frugal Feminista

"Abiola worked with me for twelve weeks to build the foundation brick by brick of how I wanted to have Fabulous and Frugal. Through intense homework, discussion, probing questions that forced me to dig deeper, think harder and touch on uncomfortable spots in my own blind spots when it came to how I felt about myself as a business woman. Abiola listens, she refocuses and re-frames when you need it. And she gives you the tough love with always a smile when you need to rethink and reconsider."

Suzanne Oshima
Dream Bachelor and Dream Bachelorette

"Abiola’s essence can be summed up in four words: beautiful, goddess, positive and energy. She is not only beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing positive upbeat energy and is truly a goddess in her own right. She has the natural ability and magnetism to make each and every woman feel absolutely amazing and confident enough to draw out her own power."

Sadia L. Sisay
being U

 "Working with Abiola has been healing and transforming. 18 months ago, I took her on as a coach. I was trying hard but I knew I was failing to keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So I gambled. I used money I really could not afford and got myself a coach! That was best thing I ever did."

Gail Greenberg
Healthy Habits

"Working with Abiola was such a powerful journey. This is exactly what both I and my business needed. Abiola has a beautiful, uplifting energy. She has the abilty to help so many women with this work."

Renair Amin - Holokleria Coach

 “Working with Abiola was a Godsend! She helped me manifest what I had been visualizing. This was not an easy feat considering that I could not even find the words to properly articulate my vision. Abiola helped the ministry of my coaching practice evolve into all I desired and more. She is definitely a blessing for anyone that chooses her as their guide.”

Give up the need to stay small!

Don't live in the world of "If I woulda, coulda, shoulda..."

No more EXCUSES.

Get off the fence.

I kept waiting for someone to save me until I realized that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

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Money Mindset
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  • Money Worksheets and Workbooks
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