In my interview in my sister Jeanine Staples’ powerful new Speaking Your Truth conference, I’m talking about having the courage to be seen and heard without apology. Be sure to check it out — this is a time sensitive opportunity.

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Hey Goddess,

This conversation was awesome, and I’m so excited to you invite you to hear it. We talked about a practice you can implement RIGHT NOW to live and speak your truth ever more deeply.

YES! You, my friend, need this! We ALL need this!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the latest Supreme Love Project by Dr. Jeanine Staples. It’s called Speak Your Truth. It’s a multi-day series of interviews featuring leaders that you already know and trust (including me!), sharing a variety of ways that we use and experience empowered communication in the relationships that matter the most to us.

Visionaries on this summit are world-renowned leaders and experts who have guided literally millions of people into clearing the roadblocks that keep us stuck and stumbling in life, relationships, and love.

Our collective vision for this summit is that everyone who listens will step away with practical, simple-to-implement steps on how to live from their deepest truths and desires.

Some of these interviews center around romantic relationships, both old and new. Some center around parenting, career, friends, or relationships with other family members. But most importantly, and at the heart of the summit, is learning how to tell the truth to YOURSELF.

In my interview, I’m talking about having the courage to be seen and heard without apology.


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