Love, Sex, Dating Advice: Getting back together with your ex?

Hey Rockstars,
Every other week Tina Tobin from LuvEm Or Leave Em assigns a relationship advice question. This week: Dear Abiola, Should I Try To Get Back Together With My Ex? Yikes! Your ex is your ex for a reason, right? You don’t eat your vomit. 
Ending a long term relationship is one of the most challenging things that we do. Breaking up is so painful when we’ve been deeply invested. When considering getting back together with your ex the most important question is, why did you break up to begin with? Change can be terrifying but it’s usually for the best. Change is dynamic! A strong, healthy, human being with high self esteem also has high standards.
Check out the video. And if you can’t see the video below, Should I Get Back Together With My Ex, click here.


P.S. Does this person truly deserve to be a part of your big, bright, shiny life? 
Or are you just trying to stop the pain of breaking up and asking, how do I get over a break up? Or how do I heal after a break up ? Plus how to break up?

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