Dare: A Self-Love Story


  • Second Printing 2012, Walmart African American Books
  • Published 2008, Simon and Schuster

Meet Maya Hope. Double-dipped in cocoa with brick-house curves, she's a lover of jazz, a political poet, and a sociologist. Her best friend and roommate, Athena Jackson, is her opposite in every way- a petite ex-cheerleader who's always blaring rap, grinding out rhymes, and ready to take the next man home.

When Maya is forced to pinch-hit in an audition and bust Athena's rhymes, she finds herself on an undercover escapade in the wild world of hip-hop as the raw, sexy, roughneck Jezebel. After striking a deal with her own personal devil, Maya sets off on the tempting roller-coaster ride of a lifetime — finding music, more fun than she's ever had, and even a man or two…but not without Faustian consequences.

An off the hook cast of colorful characters includes Lucy, the diva deluxe brand-addicted publicist from hell; Shell the Boy Wonder, wunderkind entrepreneurial label mogul party boy and Thug, the gritty handsome hardcore rapper with something to prove. Dare is an unforgettable, envelope-pushing odyssey of two gutsy women playing by their own rules.

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Dare: A Novel by Lifestyle Expert Abiola Abrams


Editorial Reviews

“Abiola Abrams’ first novel, Dare, is a Faustian tale set in the world of hip hop. Abrams has a keen ear for dialog, and though almost outrageous at times, her characters are believable and often fascinating. Dare may end up in several nooks of your bookstore, filed under “chick lit,” “African American literature,” or even in the burgeoning “street lit” genre. Don’t be fooled by the labels, this is a promising and enjoyable debut.” — David Gutowski, Large Hearted Boy

“Abiola Abrams’ debut is like a breath of fresh air for young fiction and the depiction of women in hip hop. Finally, the world will see the conflicted struggles of ladies in the rap biz in a way that women in hip hop have known and understood for years.” — Raqiyah Mays, Writer/Radio Personality on Hot 97 & 98.7 Kiss FM

“Abrams uses the mystery, bling and oft times violence of the hip-hop world, the rapper’s delight, if you will, as a backdrop for a strangely twisted coming of age story. Sometimes lovers, both old and new, don’t know what to make of a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. Neither do friends, for that matter. But what happens when a woman looks around, finds herself hiding in a corner, and coaxes herself out to play? Now that’s the stuff good books are made of. Taking a DARE doesn’t get any more enlightening than this.” — The Rawsistaz Reviewers

“DARE is the first novel by Abiola Abrams. The book is a hip-hop retelling of Faust, but as Abrams acutely describes, it’s about “finding love and finding yourself.” I thought this book was dope for several reasons. Including: 1) It represents what great hip-hop fiction can be: smart, edgy, hip-hop inspired, but not just hip-hop, empowering, and provocative. 2) It’s a great story about living life, not just existing, and makes you think about your own journey thus far. 3) It’s fun and entertaining.” — AOL Black Voices

“Abiola Abrams blends literary and hip hop sensibilities for a daring debut.” — Upscale Magazine

From the Author

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful readers, book clubs, magazines, book stores, radio shows and students who have embraced my debut novel Dare. I wanted to present this audience with something unique, poetic, well-written, and different than the fiction that we are used to. Someone asked me if readers were ready for a fun, smart and satirical adventure about friendship, drama and love that happens to be set in the world of hip hop; a story, as one Amazon reader put it, that is not about “gangstas, pimps, hustlers or hos,” and the answer is a resounding yes! Thank you readers, for showing with your many enthusiastic letters that crashed my site that Dare is the book you were waiting for, and that their are many different kinds of books to serve our audience, and all are valid and necessary.

From the Back Cover

Provocative. Empowering. Outrageous. Fearless. There are many ways to describe Abiola Abrams! She’s a dash of Oprah Winfrey, a sprinkling of Martha Stewart, plus a healthy dose of Candace Bushnell. What would be the result if she poured her life changing energy into a novel? Dig in and find out how far she goes in a phenomenally fun and entertaining fiction debut…

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