“When you finally realize that your PAST does NOT control your #SacredBombshell DESTINY. No matter how many Boo Boo Kitties life throws your way.”

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Here’s what’s shaking right now in my Universe…

Dear InstaDiary…


I am Powerful - Abiola Abrams

Hey Sacred Bombshell – it’s time to put on your big girl gold sparkly glitter boots and step into your I Am!


You are my African Queen.

Hold your beautiful head high, hang with other royalty, and walk like you own the place, SacredBombshell.

The big secret is… You DO.


you are the sky

You are THE SKY…

Be safe out there…

I mean, in the weather outside, and in the weather in your own beautiful Sacred Bombshell mind.

What is your I Am?


we are all wonder women

Intergalactic healing love to all of my Sacred Bombshell goddess wonder women queen high priestesses of Self Love! What is your #IAm?

She Is Fierce! Say Thank you. xo

Say THANK YOU if I am talking to YOU, Sacred Bombshell!


Oprah Winfrey, Afro Edition

How you look at THEM when they say you’re TOO BLACK, too white, TOO FAT, too skinny, TOO UGLY, too beautiful, too old, too young, too smart, too stupid, NOT ENOUGH, too much, too naturalhaired, too weaved, too #AFRO’ed, too WHATEVER, to DO IT. Whatever IT is for you!

What is your #SacredBombshell #IAm?


Wisdom of Oprah Winfrey

Yes! Birthday inspiration from the one and only Auntie O! The phenomenal #SacredBombshell and Goddess Passionista known as Oprah Winfrey! Happy birthday, Miss @Oprah and THANK YOU for showing US how to SHINE!