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Have you ever heard of people charging their crystals with the moon? This is because different moon phases contain different levels of energy. Not only can you charge your crystals, but you can actually charge your own energy for the law of attraction. This helps you to manifest more quickly with the power of the moon.

The New Moon

The first moon cycle people like to use with the law of attraction is the new moon, which is when the new lunar cycle begins. There is about one new moon each month, though for most of the year, you won’t be able to see it. However, when there is a solar eclipse, when the moon passes in front of the sun during the day, you can see it.

Looking at a moon cycle calendar will help you determine when the new moon is going to occur. This is a great day to work on your manifestations, and have new intentions that work toward whatever you want to attract into your life.

The Full Moon

You might also want to do a manifesting ritual every time it is a full moon, which is when you feel a lot of creative energy. Unlike the new moon, you can see when there is a full moon. There is also a full moon about once a month, though sometimes they show up at the beginning and end of a calendar month, since there are an average of 14 of them each year.

The full moon symbolizes illumination, which makes it an excellent time for more clarity in your life. Many people use the full moon when they are working out something confusing in their life, or want to journal about what they intent to attract. If you’re looking more for self-reflection on your manifestations, the full moon is an ideal time for this.

The Last Quarter Moon

The 4 quarters of the calendar year are used for many things, from setting goals to choosing your intentions. The last quarter moon occurs near the end of the year, and can be a great source for creating a manifesting moon ritual. This is when people focus a lot of self-improvement, reflecting on the past year, and making goals for the next year. It is similar to how people like to manifest near the end of the year anything they are hoping to improve before the next calendar year begins.