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The universe wants to bring you what you want in life, but the tricky part is knowing how to ask. The universe can’t read your thoughts, but it can feel your emotions. Emotions and how you feel about things increase your vibrational energy, which is what the universe is going to recognize.

There are many methods that help increase your vibration and help you focus on how you would feel if you achieved what you want, but a great method to start using is the 55×5 method.

What is the 555 Method?

The 555 or 55×5 method involves writing one affirmation 55 times, for 5 days in a row. This allows you to really focus on your intention or affirmation, and truly feel it as you write. You want to choose an affirmation that is short, and written in the “I am” format, where you are writing in present tense, similar to scripting. When you write it this many times over a short period of time, you really start concentrating more on it, and can start to manifest more quickly.

How Does it Work?

The reason you are writing it down so many times is that you want to tap into your subconscious and the way you pattern your thoughts. If you think about or say an affirmation just once, it arrives and leaves your conscious extremely quickly. But when you are writing the same thing down 55 times a day for 5 days in a row, this pattern starts to take root in your subconscious. You will notice that throughout the day, this phrase enters your mind more often, and you might even catch yourself saying it out loud. It is also a great way to raise your vibration and get into a positive energy state.

How Often Should You Do it?

This is completely up to you, but you don’t want it to feel like a chore, so don’t try to force yourself to do this every 5 days throughout the year. Instead, save it for special occasions or when you are trying to manifest something new.

As soon as you feel like it’s homework that you are forced to do, it no longer raises your vibration, and can actually hurt your manifestations. It is best to use this method when you are trying to manifest something new, that you have not scripted before. Or when you want to manifest something rather quickly.

More Tips

Here are some tips for using the 5×55 method.

Pick a short statement. You are going to write this a total of 275 times, so make sure it is short and sweet. Try to keep it to just one line in your journal, as a way to make sure it is brief enough to get to the point.

Write in present tense. You want to write as you would in scripting, so instead of “I want to attract abundance”, you write “I easily attract abundance”.