As a spiritual entrepreneur, I look for lessons everywhere. My grandparents’ farm has many business lessons for my coaching business, including…

I know you say you are ready.

BUT are you READY ready?

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Photo: Throwback from a few years ago in my parents’ garden.

Happy Harvest Moon, Goddess~

Whew — what a week! 

My grandparents on farmers were both sides. 
I always think about that at this harvest time of year.

I’ve had the most amazing week getting to know the business goddesses in my new group program, “The Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab: Mindset, Marketing, Money.”

These coaches, healers and creative consultants range from a reiki/fitness guru-to-be to a woman writing a powerful memoir to a healthy living coach.

I woke up feeling called to share this — need more clients? 
Think like a farmer.

Last week, the new Queens of Influence learned their Visibility Archetypes. 
Our focus this week in “The Visibility Lab” was all about your soulmate clients.

Think all a farmer has to do is wait until fall to harvest truckloads of collard greens? 
​Think again! That farmer has worked hard all year long to prepare for that BOUNTY of rewards. 

She prepared the ground following last year’s harvest. 
She planted seeds in the spring. She watered and fertilized and protected the fragile crops from predator insects, drought and sucky weather. 

And finally, after months, she enjoys the results. Your empowerment business works the same way; you’ll soon be reaping the rewards, too. 

1. Prepare the Ground.

Your sacred business offering includes your empowerment brand, your visibility voice, your very presence in your space. If you’re just starting out—like that farmer after harvest—you’ll spend your time simply becoming known. 

Hang out with other coaches in your space. Join my Spiritpreneur Goddess Facebook Group. (AND if you are a member of the Visibility Lab, join the VIP Facebook Group already!)

Join forums where your soulmate clients hang. Build your key landing pages and your mailing list. This is the prep work that will form the foundation of a solid business in the future. 

2. Plant Your Seeds.

Your seeds are your intellectual property, content and products. With each blog post you write, every product you create, you’re planting a seed you can harvest later. But unlike the farmer, your seeds will produce over and over again, endlessly. 

Because of my Goddess of Influence Method, my sacred work — videos, podcasts, interviews and blog posts from years ago continue to bring me the most AWESOME clients year after year, with no further effort from me. 

Digital products can be sold over and over again, or reworked into new offers. Podcasts, videos, ebooks and more all continue to work for you, month after month, year after year. 

When you think about it that way, it’s easy to see that planting seeds is a critical part of every business. 

3. Nurture Your Crop.

Are you nurturing your crops? 

Here’s how:
.         Stay connected with your tribe via your email list
·         Update old posts with new ideas
·         Study your analytics to improve your leads, traffic and conversions
·         Improve the alignment of your offerings 

It doesn’t take much effort to update evergreen posts or tweak your awesome products, and the rewards can be pretty dope. 

Of course, being a farmer — like being an empowerment entrepreneur — is a long-term investment. 

The Spiritpreneur work you do today may not pay right this minute. 
But with consistent “farming” in your empowerment business, those long-term rewards pay off consistently, too. 

I know you say you are ready.

BUT are you READY ready?

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Coaching Business Harvest Lessons from My Grandparents’ Farm