What Color is Your Aura? Intuitive Dougall Fraser Knows

Welcome to the Global Goddess Rising Circle! Abiola Abrams is celebrating the launch of her new African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck all month long. Today she speaks with renowned intuitive and Hay House author Dougall Fraser. (This week, learn to use the deck in Wednesday and Thursday’s live sessions.) Learn more at: GlobalGoddessClub.com

Dougall Fraser is a renowned intuitive with over 24 years of experience in seeing and interpreting auras. He guides others to awaken the power of their intuition through the use of color. Dougall demonstrates how color meditation can be used to easily change and improve specific aspects of your life. He has been featured on many media outlets including Oprah.com, as well as TV shows like The Doctors, Dr. Phil, Dancing with the Stars and more. He is the author of three books, most recently Your Life In Color (available through Hay House).
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Aura Color Meanings: Intuitive Dougall Fraser Knows

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