What are the money and success mindset blocks keeping you from your goals and dreams as a coach, healer, or creative entrepreneur? The secret success blocks and limiting beliefs? Want to have a money mentality and abundance mindset? Do you want to be a success magnet?

Money and Success Mindset Blocks

I am an unqualified impostor.
Successful people don’t look like me.
I don’t want to embarrass myself or loved ones.
I am scared to succeed, outshining the tribe.
I have a fear of rejection.
It’s hard to make decisions.
Money is not spiritual or artistic or feminine.
You have to work HARD for success.
Too many people are doing the same thing.
Clutter and overwhelm.
I don’t like to think about money.
I don’t want people to think I’m a bitch.
I hate selling.
I didn’t want a biz, I just want to help or express myself.
People don’t get me.
The money stuff is overwhelming.
I am not a technical person.
What if I am delusional?
My family stuff.
It is their fault.
People want too much.