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This Passionate Living blog is all about YOU so we’d love to have your story.


Our Lifestyle Blog Post Guidelines

We’re all about the passionate life when it comes to love, food, fitness, wellness, beauty and inspiration for women of all backgrounds.

This is a self-improvement/life improvement blog, so all posts have to include lessons and takeaways for the reader, something they learn that makes life better. How tos, advice, that sort of thing. If you’re going for a funkier, sexier, slightly younger version of O the Oprah Magazine or edgier, multicultural, more fun version of Self Magazine, you’re headed in the right direction.

Try to be unique and non-obvious with your advice, tips, recipe or how to. We love personal details.  Here’s who our reader is — talk to her!

Site Standards and Practicesfashion model

Your post must be original and not posted anywhere else. You can repost about 40 percent of the post on your blog with a clear, working link back to the original post. Please don’t be offended if we edit for readability and editorial preference. You can of course link back to the post immediately from anywhere in social media.

You post should be a minimum of 400 words, maximum of 900 words. You can include 2 anchored links per post that open in another window. Submitting in HTML is preferred (with <H2> headers) once your topic has been approved. Please include links to featured Photos and Videos with clear copyright info. Images must be owned by you or be in the public domain as in Wikimedia Commons.

  • We prefer “Takeaways” for the reader as in “what have we learned, kids,” at least 3 Subject Headers in your amazing post written in American English.
  • Please include a byline of 1-3 sentences as well as Title and brief Post Description.

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