dear diary,

baby, it’s cold outside– happy new year! tomorrow the sundance film festival begins and i am bummed that i’m not going to the dance. i was gonna go to promote my doc & i’m in the short film whispers. unfortunately, my bank account completely disagreed with me. when I looked at the costs of creating the premium promotional materials needed, i decided to put the money on screen & attend sundance on cable!

i am jazzed about 03! locking picture on knives in march. a couple of folks were asking, why is it taking so long? a few reasons, first docs by their nature take a lot of time. (for example, spike took 6 months just to edit 4 little girls.) in addition, this doc is actually 2 projects in one- traditional documentary elements + preformative narrative elements. then, if you have to also work a survival job, the time that you spend actually shooting is minuscule.

here’s the kimt timeline:
SEPT. 01- Research and Development starts. Taqiyya also started Video Diaries.
MARCH 02 – Interviews begin with Taqiyya’s friends and associates. Begin writing Theatrical Interludes.
JULY 02- Advisory Board formed. Shooting continues with interviews, verité, and rehearsals for Theatrical Interludes.
OCT. 02 – Live staged taping of Theatrical Interludes.
DEC. 02- F/VA’s Trailer Feedback Screening at Anthology Film Archives.
JAN.-FEB. 03 – Complete Interviews. Cast & Rehearse Theatrical Interludes.
FEB.-MAR. 03 – Shoot Theatrical Interludes with NYC talent.

there ya go! great news. i’m re-developing goddess city with a well known nyc theater & also start school this month. i’m getting my mfa in visual art just to sharpen my artistic eye for my movies. (ya wanna know composition– check gaughin or ringold!) the vermont college program, based on the oxford low residency model, is perfect for already working artists. i’m on campus 10 days per semester and the rest of the time getting credit for my directorial projects.

instead of resolutions, i set– i don’t even want to call them goals, because they are non-negotiable objectives. well, i guess i do have one resolution. this year i’m addressing my workaholism. i starting my work with pastels again for a hobby, and you’ll be seeing me everywhere because this year, i’m getting out more! not yet though, i’m still editing my trailer & redoing my completion budget for funders. oh well…