Hey Loves,
Yes, I definitely have my share of crowns and scepters in my mom’s attic. I used to call myself a recovering pageant queen but luckily all that stuff (including being serenaded by Al. B. Sure!) is wayyy in my first adolescence.

People often ask me though why sometimes on red carpets, or in interviews or at book signings why I still rock the tiara. And I do have a fierce tiara collection. The first one was a gift from my Aunt Silvy AKA Ruby D and I wore it at my 5th grade graduation. Someday I’ll share the pix with you and you can see the other kids giving me the crooked eye. When I asked her why I should wear it, she said “To keep your head up.” And that’s why I wear it still.

Check out this video, featuring my boy Nathan 7 Scott and the And Show, fiercest show on the Tube.