But they don’t believe in me…”

Hey baby cakes,

Friends, family members, or romantic partners ridiculing your big plans, dreams, and ideas?

Small thinkers not thinking that you have the power to be who you came to be?

It’s all good.

They are not bad people. They are just not visionaries.

Get some eagles or lions to run with. THAT is your tribe.

When you discover your #sacredselfworth, you will lose interest in anyone who does not see it. As for family, you can love people deeply and still not “run” with them or internalize their words. Keep your distance until you feel stronger but don’t isolate yourself.

They don’t need to see it anyway for you to claim it and live it!! Just be it, do it, dream it and I PROMISE you that one day they will ask your help and advice on how you did it.

You can’t expect people who don’t believe in themselves to believe in you. Period.

Need new friends?
Check out this video on re-tribing your life!

If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.