Daring to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Hello Loves,

It’s thrilling meeting all of you via this blog and my various pages on youtube, twitter, blackplanet, flickr and myspace. And obviously if I call myself the Curator of the Goddess Lifestyle, your next question is “What is the Goddess Lifestyle, Abiola?” ;-D

We all have a life that we imagined we’d be living. For some that meant having great kids, for others it’s a dream career. Whatever it is, if there is a gap between that imagined life and the life that you are living, our goal here is closing that gap and getting you closer to The Goddess Factor.

The Goddess Factory Lifestyle is about daring be you in a world that says you should be cookie cutter. The Goddess Lifestyle is about living big and bold and coloring outside of the lines. The Goddess Lifestyle is about learning to love yourself — your inner self — whether that self is cloaked in a body that society says is too big or too small, whether your hair is a huge, gorgeous afro, a feathered pink bob or a weave down to your ankles, or whether you are a corporate lawyer or graffiti painter. People will always have opinions about who you should be. As long as the loudest voice is yours, you are on your way.

I started studying self-development when I was a tween and my father brought home a workbook from a Zig Ziglar workshop that he attended. After that I started reading the works of self-love teachers ranging from Iyanla Vanzant and Louise Hay to Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks.

It was exciting a few years ago to see some people turn their mental strobe lights on and begin to realize their own personal power when The Secret was published. However, there were missing keys of sustainability for many women – concrete tools and a sense of joy, “scandalosity” and fun that we want in our daily lives. That’s what The Goddess Factory is about – living a juicy life without fear of judgment. I say “scandalosity” because to many the concept of women choosing to feel good above all else is scandalous.

My debut novel Dare is a romantic comedy about a woman asking herself “What would I dare to do if I knew I could not fail?” The Goddess Factory is about YOU and ME learning and relearning what Maya learned in my novel Dare, what Taqiyya learned in my doc Knives in My Throat, and what Dorothy learned in The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz, “We had it all along, my dear.” Yeah!

Someone asked me whether The Goddess Factory was about female superiority. Crazy, right? The Goddess Factory is about the empowerment of all people.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if every woman realized that she was a goddess? Can you imagine if every woman lived life courageously in love with herself? What if every woman had the audacity of her own power – emotionally, culturally, politically, and sexually? Welcome to the Goddess Factory, gorgeous, the Goddess Factor is yours to claim.

Most days I am loving life as a single and dating New York City diva working on becoming the Goddess of All Media. Whoo Hoo! Other days, I dig into my bag of tricks: positive affirmations, inspirational games, fight songs, readings, visualizations and more to hold on to myself.

We deserve to feel joy, inner beauty and personal power, while looking fab and having incredible relationships. Let’s do it together, ok, lovey dovey?

The Goddess Factory is real empowerment the way we really live – through relationships, work, beauty, pop culture, books, films, celeb chatter – from a real woman. This is not your mother’s inspiration.