Creating a Vision Board Online with Pinterest to Manifest Your Goals…

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 Hey Passionistas,

Last year when I vlogged (fun video below) about the power of inspirational vision boards one of my facebook friends asked if there was a digital alternative to the cut and paste approach. At the time, I knew of online services offering digital vision boarding, but they all came at a cost. Then came Pinterest!

Are we buddies on Pinterest?

I recently joined this social media curation site and it’s totally addictive. [Follow my Pinterest Boards here.] You’re now thinking one of two things. You’re either like, OMG, me too! Or you’re like, do we really need another site or service to join. Yes, we do…

People use Pinterest for different reasons but most use the site where you “pin” and re-pin” your favorite images for scrapbooking, blogging, promotion and bookmarking cool ideas. It’s a feel good, image-based community. You can install a button so that when you’re online shopping, reading or going about the rest of your online life, it’s wasy to share. My Pinterest page is not currently a Vision Board, but more of a cool scrapbook.

Last year I made a video about “How to Make a Vision Board” as part of my Bombshell Academy.

A vision board is usually made by cutting and pasting paper images. If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” then you know what I’m talking about. You put the Law of Attraction into action by visualizing your perfect life with images of love, relationships, family, career, fun, body image or whatever you want to experience in your life’s journey.

Basically, a vision board is a collage board of images expressing your vision for your life. You may also call them treasure maps, mind map, goal map or goddess dream books but we are talking about the same thing; using visual images to focus your energy, ignite your emotions and manifest your vision for your life.

To use Pinterest as a Vision Board:

1) Simply make Pinterest boards representing the categories in your life. When I did this several years ago with my Goddess Dreambook [link] I used a big scrapbook and made pages for Career, Travel, Leisure, Relationships, Family, Friendships, Health and Fitness, etc.

Example: Here’s my Pinterest Board for Wellness and Fitness. Below is my old Dreambook/Vision Board page for Fitness.

2) Gather images that represent what you want to achieve or experience in each area. Don’t just think materialistic goods, think of how you want to feel when you are living the life you aim to live. Also, if you’re making a vision board you don’t want vision hoarding. Be careful and dedicated. Have fun. You’re planning your life.

Goddess Dreambook / Vision Board: Health & Fitness
3) Don’t forget — gathering images of your vision is just the first step. If you want to make your dreams come true you need to take action. The Law of Attraction is a great universal law but it’s only one law. There’s also the Law of Right Action.

4) Trust me, vision boards do work. And I’m not totally sure that I will use only this method because there is something tactile about the experience of cutting out the images and infusing them with your positive energy and feel-good feelings– but this is a great option.

5) Enjoy!

Bonus) See you there. I’m on

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