Hey My Goddess,

YAY –SO excited that you are here. Are you a Spiritpreneur? A Coach, Healer, Empowerment or Creative Guru who wants to build a prosperous business online with a rockstar message and platform? As Spiritpreneurs, we must be focused on inner game AND outer game. In other words, it’s about soulcare plus skills and strategy.

If you participated in my free 14-Day Unblock My Energy Shift, that was all inner game. Manifestation also requires outer game — taking INSPIRED ACTION. My monthly Manifest Your Magic Moon Circles are all mindset and manifesting – self-creation.The Spiritual Business Success Camp is all radical action.

My Unique Core Message for 2017 is Let’s Get Fearless! I’m changing my name to Abiola Fearless for the year to bring it home.

The tenets of my message are: Don’t talk about it, be about it and YOU are the president of your own life. What differentiates my Unique Core Message is that most people are talking bungee jumping etc when they say fearless. I am talking about an inner fearlessness based on feminine power that includes vulnerability, allowing, risking and willingness to step outside off our comfort zones and stop settling for less — and viewing ourselves as less than. YES!

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