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Your guiding goddess initiation personality type is based on your dominant inner goddess temple.

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Your Guiding Goddess Personality Type is...


You are a Queen Goddess.

Your Inner Temple of Queens is Your Insight Energy Channel

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This Means That You Are

Intuitive, Imaginative, & Visionary

Your Secret Power is



You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

The initiation is into your true self.

We each have 9 inner goddess temples that represent different areas of our lives, our bodies and our consciousness. The African Goddess Initiation Temples are a combination of the Hindu chakra system, 7 African Powers and other systems of personal mind-body-spirit consciousness.  

Because the power of chakra work and similar systems are the foundation for many of the healing systems I channel and create, I use that as a foundation. I didn’t want to confuse or overwhelm you with the ancient African and Indian spiritual systems, so I created a chakra-based system that is distinctly African. But it is important for me to acknowledge lineage. - Abiola

About the Temple of Queens

We each have 9 inner temples. 

The Temple of Queens is your dominant Goddess Temple. 

"Right this minute, you are being guided toward some people, experiences, and behaviors and away from others. Usually, we ignore that guidance, although most of the time not on purpose. Mostly, we are missing it altogether. Divine guidance is always there for us. It’s up to us whether we choose to tune in to it or tune it out." - From the book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy



Build Your Intuition

Pay Attention.

You can actively build your intuition like a muscle. Keep a coincidences journal. 

Always trust your guidance, especially in making decisions. Praise and credit yourself for your correct visions without dismissing them to chance. This means you are in tune with your third eye and you know your truth.

Your color vibration is indigo.

There are foods that can balance and activate your third eye. Indigo fruits such as blackberries, plums and grapes are effective in balancing your gifts. 


Tune In & Connect


Are They Underestimating You? How to Stop Caring What People Think! [Video]

Tune in to those around you. When you engage in a conversation, ensure you take the time to listen attentively as there may be hidden messages, which may shape or influence your truth.

 Try engaging with the energy of those around you.

Try and feel the energy around you. Soften your focus to see their aura. Are they emitting a positive or negative energy? And if so, why?

Tap into your guidance to understand the reasons. You know much more than you think you do. 


Breathe & Meditate

Be Present.

Enter Your Goddess Temple

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place, and close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose.

Let each exhale breath be at least as long as each inhale. Move towards a breath that reflects all the qualities you’d like to see in your mind: patience, steadiness, spaciousness, ease.

Notice whether or not you are still paying attention to the breath. Each time you find that your mind has wandered, shift your focus back to the breath.

Allow part of your mind to act as the noticer, the witness. It’s the awareness that guides you back to mindfulness. Return to the breath as many times as you need to.

Your Inner Goddess

Temple of Queens


Spiritual Business Manifesting


Your inner Temple of Queens, your Third Eye, is the center of intuition and direct spiritual vision. It is through this energy channel that we are able to visualize things through our “third eye” of intuitive knowledge. This center also represents forgiveness and compassion.

When you have an actively balanced Third Eye, it corresponds with your consciousness awakening. You also tend to have good intuition and you dare to achieve your goals.

We usually associate people who have good intuition of having the “sixth sense”. These people often give great advice. When you ask how they developed their “sixth sense” ability, they are often unable to answer. The question is, how and why do they have this kind of ability? This is because they have a more balanced and active Third Eye energy channel, the inner Temple of Queens.


If your inner Temple of Queens, your Third Eye, is inactive, you tend to depend on authority rather than instinct to make your own decisions. You may also have deluded thoughts. This also results in you being too dependent on conventional beliefs rather than rational.

People with a very weak Third Eye  are also very weak in visualizing and organizing their lives. For instance, if you were to ask them how they see themselves in a matter of 5 years, it is highly unlikely that they can answer this question as they are unable to visualize their future.

People with a weak Third Eye also have this mindset that it is unnecessary to have future plans and too think far ahead. Usually, these people will have a negative perspective of life.

 However, when your energy channel is overactive you may live in your own world and you always over think. In extreme cases, this may lead to hallucinations where you create problems that were not even there in the first place.


  • You are in touch with your inner guidance.
  • You have experienced or are experiencing awakening. 
  • You have access to the gift of visualization.


  • You value society's dominant voices and trends over your own.
  • You feel out of alignment.
  • You are not able to manifest your desires.

You embody the energy of Temple of Queens goddesses such as:

African diaspora divine feminine ancestral queens including Queen Nandi (Zulu/South Africa), Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia), Queen Mother Nanny (Maroons/Jamaica), Queen Nefertiti (Egypt), and Queen Yaa Asantewaa (Ashanti/Ghana)...


Goddess of Divination

Page 297

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy


Goddess of Dreams

Page 304

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

African Goddess Initiation Art by Destiney Powell, 


Goddess of Alchemy

Page 310

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

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African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals

You can find Temple of Queens goddesses, rituals, and more in the book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love Prosperity and Joy.  

Find this Hay House book wherever you buy books.

Your Temple of Queens

 Embodiment Rituals

The African Goddess Initiation is an initiation into your true self.

You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

Traditional Temple of Queens third eye channel rituals from throughout the global African diaspora include: Community Cleansing, Throwing Bones, African Dream Root, Baby Naming Ritual, and the Iboga Quantum Leap Ritual.

Sacred African Goddess Initiation Rituals that will help you to deepen your Temple of Queens energy connection include:  Your Mirror Gazing Meditation Ritual, Your Oracle Cards Divination Ritual, Your Dream Traveling Ritual, Your Goddess Naming Ritual, and Your Quantum Leap Burn-and-Release Ritual.

(Find these rituals in the book African Goddess Initiation by Abiola Abrams, Chapter 8) 

African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

You can find all of these goddesses and more in the deck, African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards. 

Find this Hay House deck wherever you buy books.

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