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Your guiding goddess initiation personality type is based on your dominant inner goddess temple.

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Your Guiding Goddess Personality Type is...


You are a Love Goddess.

Your Inner Temple of Lovers is Your Love Energy Channel

Inner Goddess Temple of Lovers

This Means That You Are

Loving, Generous, and Open-Minded

Your Secret Power is

Your Passionate Spirit. 


You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

The initiation is into your true self.

We each have 9 inner goddess temples that represent different areas of our lives, our bodies and our consciousness. The African Goddess Initiation Temples are a combination of the Hindu chakra system, 7 African Powers and other systems of personal mind-body-spirit consciousness.  

Because the power of chakra work and similar systems are the foundation for many of the healing systems I channel and create, I use that as a foundation. I didn’t want to confuse or overwhelm you with the ancient African and Indian spiritual systems, so I created a chakra-based system that is distinctly African. But it is important for me to acknowledge lineage. - Abiola

About the Temple of Lovers

We each have 9 inner temples. 

The Temple of Lovers is your dominant Goddess Temple. 

"Love is the highest vibrating energy there is. To give true, pure, unconditional love is to be one with God/dess.
Ubuntu is the South African philosophy of love and compassion that says we are all in this together. It is translated as “I am because we are” or humanity toward others. Great Ancestor Nelson Mandela and Elder Bishop Desmond Tutu shared this ancient truth with the rest of the world. How often in our relationships do we feel like our basic humanity was not honored? Ubuntu is deep, full, wide, spiritual love." - From the book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy



Follow Your Dreams

Your Desires.

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Do not let your dreams die just because you do not have time to realize them. Make time and work on them consistently. This can be having that dream house or it can even be building a business you have always wanted.

Schedule time to do what you love. Commit to doing what you love. This can be your passion projects or your hobbies such as baking, volunteering or hiking. Set a schedule to make sure you adhere to the time and you make time for it no matter how busy you are.

Your power color  vibration is green. Incorporate it more into your life.


Open Up to Love

Let It Go.

The Sacred Art of Flirting! A ‘Single in Stilettos’ Conversation with Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima (VIDEO)

"There are different kinds of love. There’s the adoration we have for our heroes and celebrities. There is romantic love between you and your partner. There’s filial love you have with your siblings and best friends.

There’s agape love between you and your Creator, the highest form of love. There is the love between you and those who created you on this earth plane, your parents or parental figures.

And of course, there is self-love."

-From the book African Goddess Initiation


Breathe & Meditate

Be Present.

Enter Your Goddess Temple

Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place, and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Place both of your palms on your heart. Imagine a beautiful green flower opening from a tight bud to a full bloom.

Feel the energy of appreciation for love and see it flowing in yourself. Weave a figure 8, which is an infinity sign using your fingers, repeatedly in front of you as you think of this thought in your head; I am always experiencing love; flowing in than flowing out.

Bring your palms to the center of your heart and feel the energy within you. Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you are ready.

Your Inner Goddess

Temple of Lovers


Spiritual Business Manifesting


Your inner Temple of Lovers corresponds to love, kindness, spiritual growth, compassion and devotion. It is the bridge connecting the higher and lower energies of our being. It balances your emotions.

 When this energy channel is balanced, you are compassionate, kind and committed to maintaining harmonious relationships with others.


When your inner Temple of Lovers is weak, you are distant with the people around you and potentially cold and mean. You may avoid intimacy in friendships, familial relationships and romance. You may refuse to help those in need as you feel burdened. 

When it concerns your inner Temple of Lovers, there can be two extremes. For example, yes we should be compassionate to others but that does not mean you should say “yes” to everyone.

When your inner Temple of Lovers is overactive, you tend to have poor boundaries. You may be controlling and pressure those you are in relationships with to love and behave your way.


  • You are compassionate and kind. 
  • You  allow yourself to be loved and have healthy loving relationships. 
  • You have healthy boundaries.


  • You do not feel like you are worth loving.
  • You are cold with others.
  • You fear intimacy.

You embody the energy of Temple of Lovers goddesses such as:

African diaspora divine feminine love goddesses including Oshun (Yoruba/Nigeria), Qetesh (Egypt), the Erzulies (Haiti), Mbokomu (Bantu), Ala (Igbo/Nigeria)...


Goddess of Grief

Page 235

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy


Goddess of Revolutionary Love

Page 207

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

African Goddess Initiation Art by Destiney Powell, 


Goddess of Energy Cords

Page 221

 Sketch by Destiney Powell for African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

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African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals

You can find Temple of Lovers goddesses, rituals, and more in the book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love Prosperity and Joy.  

Find this Hay House book wherever you buy books.

Your Temple of Lovers

 Embodiment Rituals

The African Goddess Initiation is an initiation into your true self.

You are the Goddess.

You are the Temple.

Traditional Temple of Lovers rituals from throughout the global African diaspora include:  Sacred Sensuality, Energy Cords Okra Slip Ritual, Aphrodisiac Incense Parfum, Step on the Egg Forgiveness Ritual, and Earth Mother Temples.

Sacred African Goddess Initiation Rituals that will help you to deepen your Temple of Lovers energy connection include:  Your Self-Love Sweetening Jar Ritual, Aphrodisiac Bath Ritual, Your Cord Cutting and Clearing Wash Ritual, Your Carry the Stone Ritual,  and Your Grief Release Circle Ritual.

(Find these rituals in the book African Goddess Initiation by Abiola Abrams, Chapter 6) 

African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

You can find all of these goddesses and more in the deck, African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards. 

Find this Hay House deck wherever you buy books.

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